It is quite challenging and equally tough to survive on erratic income. Practically speaking, it is doubly difficult to survive on a really inconsistent income plus on top of that, when you need to divert back all that money into your startup, things could get really dicey.  You need to make sure that you do not sink deeper into the debt trap, you must, therefore, develop robust money management skills to sustain through the ups and downs of business and become a millionaire in the end.

Realize the Hard Realities of Life

You have to realize that you need to think carefully before taking advice from others. Even your loved ones could give you the wrong advice. You need to manage your money matters with wisdom and learn from your mistakes. The harsh reality is that you have to take your own decisions and for that, you need to educate yourself and stay updated. One hard reality you need to face is that the first step toward becoming a successful entrepreneur and a millionaire is that there are several harsh truths and you need to identify them yourself and figure out ways to tackle them successfully.

Identify Your Battle Buddy

A battle buddy, in the context of the army, is a person you get introduced to during your training session.  He eventually becomes your bosom pal and someone you could trust and bank on always even during crisis situations.  If an entrepreneur wants to boost his financial condition, he must have a battle buddy who would be there for you every step of the way during your struggle toward the road to success. A battle buddy would be knowing everything about you including the ugly, the bad, and obviously the good. He is like a financial mate who would be guiding you and helping you forge ahead of the competition. Think carefully who in your life fits the bill.

Learn to Say a Vehement No When Required

It is quite difficult to say no to some people or in some situations but often it is necessary to stay firm and say a vehement no. Mastering the art of saying no without hurting the sentiments of people goes a long way in defining you as a successful entrepreneur and a future millionaire. Peer pressure is often unavoidable but you must choose events that you are interested in investing in and you must have the will-power to stick to the events you have chosen and refuse politely if you are pressurized by friends or relatives to spend your money on some other projects. You may suggest some cheaper alternatives.

Pay Off All Your Debts

The sooner you get rid of your debt the better it is for you because you could then pay less amount toward the interest and you could start saving seriously for your retirement. Remember that you must never ignore debt because it would not only delay your future, it would also follow you wherever you go. Get rid of your debt at the earliest as it also adversely impacts your mental and emotional health. It is your responsibility to get rid of debts and lead a peaceful debt-free life. You could get in touch with a reputed and reliable site such as nationaldebtrelief for best debt solutions.

Chalk Out a Realistic Budget

You need to chalk out a clear-cut and realistic weekly or monthly or an annual budget. Do not make an extremely flexible or lenient budget. Also, do not set an excessively firm and restrictive budget. You have to find the right balance. You must create a good budget that is both practical and flexible to a certain extent. You could invest more funds in your startup once you set clear budgetary goals and constraints.

Create an Emergency Fund

You never know when an emergency could crop up. So it is best to stay prepared for such a financial crisis. You may meet with an accident and pay emergency medical bills. Similarly, your car could break down and you would require paying the repair bills. You must, therefore, maintain a savings account that would be holding about three to six months of your usual expenses. You must never use this money for anything else but a real emergency when there is no way out.

Save for Your Retirement

Experts say that the most appropriate time for starting your retirement fund is today itself. The two most important factors are how much you are contributing to the retirement fund and when you are starting to invest in your retirement fund.  Start to allocate a part of your monthly income towards your retirement fund and allow it to grow.

Hang Out in the Big Leagues

To be successful, you’ve got to walk the talk and walk it with people who have an appetite for brilliance and a taste for the good stuff. Spend your time with successful people, because these are the people you should surround yourself with. They have a lot of experience in the big leagues, and will constantly challenge you to do better and be the best version of yourself, and also will help you navigate previously uncharted territory on your road to success. The opposite is also definitely true; being close to people who are very negative, pessimistic, and never looking to improve means you have a toxic presence that will hold you back in all your endeavors. That’s not what you need.


Remember you must never stop learning if you are aspiring to be a millionaire. You must not get bogged down by failures and always treat failures as the pillars of success. There cannot be any cookie-cutter-approach to financial management. A good entrepreneur needs discipline, consistency, and patience. Lead a frugal existence and keep your overhead really low, create your savings, and do not get swayed by ephemeral pleasures. It is best to steer clear of all sorts of comparison games. Keep all the discussed suggestions in your mind for achieving incredible success as an entrepreneur. Becoming a millionaire is not an easy task but you could do it with determination and dedication.