No matter if you have a business or you are just an individual. Instagram has become a part and parcel of our day. You can see everyone around you scrolling through the Instagram feed every minute.

If you own a business or a brand, having a good online presence on a platform like Instagram can be highly beneficial. If you want to get free Instagram followers organically, we have some of the best ways.

In this article, we will provide you with an organic method to get free followers for Instagram.

If you follow all the tips that we are mentioning below appropriately, you will be able to get best results within a month. Following are the best ways through which people will tap the heart button instantly.

So let’s get ready to get famous on Instagram!!

Post beautiful photos

One of the biggest reasons people arrive on a platform like Instagram is to know how people are looking. Photography is an art and you need this art if you want to get free Instagram likes. If you want to increase your Instagram likes and followers, it’s time to level up your photography skill. Spend some time and money in upgrading your photography equipment and try to develop an eye for eye-catching photos.

Hashtags are the key

Using hashtags correctly can open up avenues for you to get free followers for Instagram. If you own a brand and business, using the right hashtags is of utmost importance. You will be able to open up to a whole new world of opportunities. Thus, try to give your hashtag strategy some extra time and thought.

Hashtags on stories and bio

Yes, you read it right. Hashtags can be used in Instagram stories as well as in bio. Using hashtags strategically can be one of the best ways to expand your reach to new fans and followers.

Know your audience

If you are promoting your brand and business on Instagram, it is highly advisable to know your audience. It is important to get a target market research done. This way, you will get an idea about who your actual followers are and will they help you in conversion and promotion of your brand and business.

Tag people as well as brand

You get what you give and this is especially true when it comes to getting attention on a platform like Instagram. If you want to get free followers for Instagram, try to tag people as well as brand. People like to get attention. By tagging people and brands, you will give a message that you value them. This way, it becomes easier to get followers without spending a penny.

Good captions

Well, writing a good caption shows that you understand the platform very well. But, when writing a good caption, try to understand what’s good for your brand. Most people may say that shorter captions are better, but this is not always true. Sometimes writing your caption with 2200 characters can help you put out your narrative in a better way and your post may help you in getting the PR surge.


Another excellent way to get followers from people near you is to geotag your location. In addition to this, if you have a brand and business with brick and mortar location, geotagging can be especially beneficial for you. Try to make sure that the location coordinates are correct when it appears on the map.

Consistent posting

No one would follow a person or a brand who follows once in a lifetime. As a brand, try to not to annoy your followers and don’t make them feel ghosted. Try to have a content calendar so that you can plan out the quantity of posts needed to keep people’s attention. You can also use different social media management tools to schedule your instagram posts in the best way possible.

Right post timings

You need to know how the Instagram algorithm works so that you can post at the right time. Instagram algorithms follow recency. Thus, to get in front of your audience and to grab their attention, it is important to know the right time for posting. You can check the analytics for some guidance. Different brands and businesses may have different timing suitable for postings.


Who doesn’t like contests? Contests will definitely need a lot of planning.But, it is highly essential to get maximum engagement and free Instagram followers. Make sure that the winning prize of your contests should be desirable for the audience. You will also be able to attract the right fans and followers to your brand and business by using tools like contests.

Like and comment others

On a social media platform like Instagram, everything is not just about you and your brand. Thus, make sure to give the needed attention to people you follow and the people who follow you. The Instagram algorithm orioritozes posts from accounts that it thinks are close. To measure the closeness between accounts, Instagram monitors the way accounts interact with each other. If you want to get free Instagram likes, try to like and comment on posts.

Cross promotion

Another best way to get more likes and followers on Instagram without spending a penny is to remind people on other platforms to follow you and your brand on Instagram. For example, you can remind your Twitter followers that they are missing out on your Instagram content.

User-generated content

If done right, user-generated content can be fun and it can give your more likes without making any investment. You can also show your regular customers and followers that you take care of their satisfaction. You can also show off that your customers love the products and services you offer.

Behind the scene content

We know that human beings are nosy. They want to know everything about how business works and how to manufacture products. Thus, posting behind the scenes of your business and working can be one of the best ways to get free followers for Instagram.

In addition to this, you can also use tools and apps like GetInsta to get more followers and likes. These apps are designed in such a way that it will help you in getting more like and followers quickly.

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