5 of the Most Unusual Jobs You Can Start from Home Right Now

Looking for a great job you can do from home? There are a lot of options out there, but you may not be interested in “jobs” like filling out surveys or testing products. These jobs are often borderline scams or simply don’t pay a steady salary. Fortunately, there are many home-based businesses you can start right now. You might find some of these jobs surprising since they’re not typically done from home or aren’t traditional jobs, but they’re a great option.

Professional Organizer

Are you incredibly organized? If you are, did you know you could make a career out of that skill? Professional organizing is becoming more and more popular. Many people hate living in a cluttered home, but they just don’t know where to start organizing or what type of system will work for them. A professional organizer can sit down with a client, learn about them and how they mentally organize things, and then help them create a system that works with their mindset.

All of this can be done from home since much of the time, you’ll actually be working at the client’s house. You may need space to store some items to help your clients organize, but you will likely purchase organizing products for each client rather than keep them on hand. That cuts down on the amount of storage space you need.

Bail Bonds

While many bail bonds services are operated out of an office, it’s not completely necessary to have dedicated office space to offer this service. A bail bonds company provides bail money for those who have been arrested and are unable to post bail. The agent pays the person’s bond, allowing them to be released. When they make their court date, the bond is repaid. This means you don’t necessarily need an office or any equipment to get a bail bonds company up and running. All you need is enough money to cover the cost of the bail bond. Your money is made on the premium you charge on each bond.

To start one of these businesses, you do need to become licensed, but you don’t need an office. You can work out of your home and even meet your clients there if you need to. Another option is to meet clients at a library or other public space.

Social Media Manager

Social media has become a vital part of marketing campaigns, but many small business owners simply don’t have the time or skill to do this themselves. They also don’t have the money to hire someone full time. However, they may have a small budget set aside to outsource their social media. That’s where you can come in. If you understand how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites work and the best practices that go into getting engagement on posts, you can handle this type of work. All you need is a good internet connection and the willingness to research social media algorithms.

Funeral Planner

If you are good at planning events but are concerned that there are too many event and wedding planners in your area, there’s another option: funeral planner. While this isn’t as fun as planning weddings, reunions, and other events, it is a service that many people do look for. There’s also much less competition in this area. When families are grieving, they often feel overwhelmed with the number of decisions they are tasks with immediately making about their loved one’s services. If the deceased didn’t leave behind any instructions, it’s even harder.

This is where a funeral planner steps in. You can coordinate with the funeral home, cemetery, and other individuals to help plan the funeral. Some funeral homes have funeral planners on staff, but some don’t. You may be able to form partnerships with these funeral homes, making it easy to reach out to potential clients. You can also fill the void for clients who aren’t using funeral homes, such as those whose loved ones were cremated and want to plan a wake.

YouTube Content Editor

If you’re familiar with video editing software, you can make a living editing content for YouTube creators. Most of these creators want to focus on actually filming their content, not editing it. They instead hire an editor to cut out the boring parts, add in music and transitions, and much more. Most editors work as freelancers, but it is very possible to make a good living as a professional YouTube editor.

These are just five of the most unusual jobs you can start from home right now. If you’re ready to become your own boss, it may be time to consider one of these careers.

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