5 Tips Guide On How To Earn Money Being A Contributing Writer

If you are a creative and talented writer, who loves his job, we have some great news for you! Being an employed writer is no longer the best option available for writers. Today, working as a freelance or contributing writer pays much better, meanwhile allowing you to remain self-employed and giving you lots of freedom! Sounds good, doesn’t it? Without a doubt, many specialists will find it a very appealing opportunity. However, how can they get started, and what does it take to be a contributing writer?

Despite a common belief, it is not that hard to get on a track. Of course, the competition is pretty intense, and aspiring specialists may have difficulties with landing their first projects. However, with a bit of patience and dedication, one can build up a brilliant career and start making real money working from anywhere! Want to know how?That’s what we are going to discuss in this article.

How To Start Making Money As A Contributing Writer?

First of all, let’s clarify what does it actually mean to work as a contributing writer. Now, here is something to bear in mind is that such specialists are not employees, they are self-employed individuals offering services to publications, blogs, etc. They are also often referred to as freelance writers because they contribute their works on a freelance basis.

Now, how can you make money working as a contributor? Here are our top five tips:

  1. Engage In Affiliate Marketing

Most blogs that accept stories from contributing writers allow including several promotional links in every submitted piece. This is a brilliant opportunity for writers to promote their own blogs, businesses, or services. However, it is also a smart way to engage in affiliate marketing. Becoming an affiliate for a few companies can bring you a stable income from sales made with the help of your links.

  • Search For Projects Online

Quite often, different blogs, magazines, and other platforms are searching for talented contributors for single-time projects. This can be another opportunity for you to make good money. Writers can look for such jobs online. There are plenty of freelance job boards that will come in handy.

  • Become An Academic Writer

This option is a bit different from the rest, as it doesn’t assume that your works will be published somewhere (unless a student is going to publish it later). However, it is still an option worth considering if you want to make good money writing! Thus, if you have some experience writing academic papers and have a vast knowledge of one or several subjects, try applying for work at a reliable paper writing service. In most cases, such jobs pay quite high and, at the same time, they give you the same freedom as any other freelance job!

  • Write For Magazines

This is one of the most high-paying writing niches today. However, you should be aware that breaking into it can be a real challenge. Still, if you succeed, you can work on some truly inspiring projects and find a good source of income!

  • Contribute To Blogs That Pay For Publications

Finally, one more way to get paid for being a contributing writer is to submit your stories to blogs and platforms that are willing to pay for them. You will be surprised, but there are quite many resources that offer good rates per word. Besides, some blogs even offer competitive bonuses for publications that attract the most attention and gain lots of views.

How To Get Started?

As you can now see, being a contributing writer is quite beneficial. First of all, such a job enables you to manage your working hours and working from anywhere. In addition, being a contributor can give writers a stable source of income. However, how can one get started? Here are some of the tips we can give to those looking to start a career in this field:

  • Improve your command of the English language – it is obvious that you must write in an appropriate and error-free manner in order to get paid for your work. Thus, the main tip we can give you at the beginning of your path is to devote enough time to practice and enhance your language!
  • Practice your skills regularly – writing skills are essential, but apart from them, a good specialist should also possess strong time management, research, analyzing, and other basic skills. Thus, it is important to acquire those skills and dedicate time to enhance them.
  • Earn as much experience as possible – the competition among freelance workers is pretty high, so the only way to land good projects is to show off decent experience and skills. Thus, at the initial stage of your career, be sure to gain as much experience as you possibly can!
  • Carefully study resources you want to write for – every blog or magazine has certain peculiarities, a unique style, and tone of voice. Thus, in order to make your pieces fit into the general image, you should carefully study each resource.
  • Make sure you know submission guidelines – every platform will have its own requirements to the contributed pieces. Of course, they might have certain common traits. However, it is important to study each blog’s individual requirements in order to minimize the chance of being rejected.
  • Don’t be afraid to be rejected – this is our final and yet one of the most handy tips. In your career you will likely get lots of rejections and it is OKAY! While some editors will love what you do, you may simply not be a good fit for some resources, so don’t be afraid of rejections and keep moving forward!

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