6 Ways of Earning Money on YouTube

Description: YouTube is a popular platform that is used by people for having fun and watching videos. However, one can ask an acute question – how to earn money on this powerful and well-known resource. There are ways to do it, and in this article, we will speak about them.

5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. The site is so popular that an average session for a user lasts 40 minutes. The top bloggers such as Whindersson Nunes Batista or JuegaGerman earn a lot of money. 

When they started, they weren’t so successful, and now these people have a great opportunity to get access to the most expensive goods and delicious food. There are 6 ways how the beginner on YouTube can start making his first dollars. They include the factors that will help a person to create interesting and effective content. The advice will be useful for those who want to improve their financial state even having been a blogger.

Become a YouTube Partner and Earn Money Advertising Something

The method is the most spread among people. It is considered as an unreliable and non-effective way. Users have little influence on how often he gets the offers connected with advertising. And what ads will be displayed. It’s an obvious recommendation for those who have a wish to begin their career connected with YouTube.

To start earning, you need to meet several criteria: you must have more than 1000 subscribers and over the past 12 months you should get 4000 hours of viewing. It takes some time to achieve it, unless you have some experience and skills. One person can reach these figures quickly; someone is working on it for a year. For example, a user can be helped with the promotion of his channel. It will boost the level of popularity and will lead to higher salary.

Direct Promotion

It is one of the most significant ways in our reality. These are ad inserts in videos. The advertisers will come to you, but first you should develop a channel. You must have the appropriate subscriber base, because the advertisers are interested in its coverage. They are not interested in the videos that get tens or hundreds of views. For the top bloggers, it is an effective way to get thousands of dollars. An integration can cost up to a million. For example, according to Wikipedia one of the most popular bloggers in the world PewDiePie has the annual income of 15 million dollars.

Partner Links

You show or use a product in the video and put the special links in the description of it. If the viewer is interested in it, he can click on the link and buy it. After that you will get your commission. To make a lot of money, you need to sell planes or to have many views. It is not a problem now, because a lot of sites help the user to find out how to get YouTube views. A person who wants to increase this factor should follow all the necessary advice and use all the possibilities to make it prosperous.

Selling Your Merch

It can be anything: t-shirts, trousers, mugs, towels and some products with your logo. They don’t bring a lot of money (unless you have millions of fans), but as an additional income, it’s OK. It will be quite interesting to mention that merch becomes an important matter for those who are dreaming about complete popularity. The clothes and other goods will be promoting your personality everywhere. Such a free advertisement will increase your status and recognition.

Selling Your Products

The most reliable and profitable way. Of course, it requires a high-quality audience, useful content to retain it, and creative products. You can earn decent money with a relatively small number of subscribers. For example, an average of $ 1-2 is paid for 1000 ad impressions. If you sell a product for $20 with a conversion rate of at least 1 percent, then 1000 impressions will give you 10 sales, which will bring you $200.


If you have a base of loyal fans, you can earn money on fundraising. Some services allow you to do this.

  • YouTube (the most inconvenient, the high requirements for inclusion: you should have more than 10 000 subscribers)
  • Yoola
  • Mediacube.Network

On Yoola and Mediacube.Network you can start with 1 subscriber. The main thing is to have something to pay for – you must provide some exclusive, unique goods, it can be special videos for subscribers, private chats, webinars, etc.


Despite all the changes on the platform, you can still earn money on YouTube. An author should have a lot of fans and his videos must gain many views. Everything is possible if you are not afraid of using different methods. Follow all these recommendations, and you will become a successful and rich video maker. Famous YouTube vloggers earn impressive sums of money, and it’s easy to become one of them.

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