7 Reasons that you should invest in bitcoin in 2019

Importance of Digital Currency

Digital currencies have brought a revolution that has taken the world by surprise. It has put forth the importance of decentralization. Enthusiasts and investors who understand the technology involved in the digital currency’s works are said to be in most demand shortly. It is because digital currencies are expected to become the future of finance. While there are as many as 2000 active currencies, Bitcoin is the most renowned and the most popular digital currency. A person pseudo named Satoshi Nakamoto created the bitcoin almost a decade ago. Bitcoin Trader 2 is one of the best platforms for bitcoin trading success. But what exactly are the reasons which make bitcoin a must investment in 2019?

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Let us check out the 7 most important reasons for investing in 2019

  1. High Adoption Rate: Bitcoin is the most credible digital or cryptocurrency which is evident from its adoption rate. Its adoption rate is quite higher compared to other digital currencies. Its creator Satoshi Nakamoto already had expressed his vision to make bitcoin a new form of money. With many South American countries warming up to the bitcoin trading which has led to the bitcoin price reaching its highest mark this year.
  • Big Names Supporting Bitcoin: Trustable names like John McAfee has continued his support for the bitcoin. Even strategist of JP Morgan and co-founder of Fundstrat had remained optimistic for bitcoin. Also, Bitpay chief commercial officer, Sonny Singh has remained hopeful for the bitcoin demand rise in 2019.
  • Crypto Bull Run: Since bitcoin has just started big, it has considerable high liquidity. It means it is the perfect time to invest in bitcoin and reap as much as double the current invested price. It has the best return on investment, right now. And if you pick up and analyze the previous 5 years of biotin, you will get to know that bitcoin is going to reign the longest shortly. So, unless and until you don’t wish to regret then plan your investment right away.
  • Decentralized Payment System: In the bitcoin trading process there is no middle party or banks involved. You are the sole owner of your transactions. You will have your wallet available 24×7 from where you can either withdraw or deposit money. This also allows you to keep a constant track of your payment whereabouts, thus ensuring complete transparency in the process.
  • Fastest Transaction Network: Due to the lightning network, both bitcoin blockchain and lightning network you can have a quick transaction in a go. Also, it comes with a lot more complimentary payment systems, unlike VISA. Moreover, it is the fastest transaction that comes with even low fees and unparalleled technical technology. All the transaction details will be maintained in the bitcoin blockchain.
  • Developing Technology: Since bitcoin is not static it is quite obvious that the bitcoin developers will be continuously working on its developments to ensure the rise of its scalability. Also, this makes sure that its privacy features are also continuously upgraded. Some of the major innovations done by the bitcoin cryptocurrency, in recent years, is the creation of the lightning network for the fastest transaction. This innovation was followed by hard forks which led to the breaking of the sub hard forks.
  • Scarce Presence with High Demand: Although bitcoin cryptocurrency is the most popular and most renowned cryptocurrency, its presence is quite scarce in the market. It is due to it been developed only about a decade ago.  This also means that bitcoin demand is much higher. One of the most critical problems here is that there are only 21 million bitcoins. Out of this, 17 million bitcoins have already been mined meaning only 4 million are remaining. Therefore, it is wise to invest in bitcoin right away as with increased demands the value of bitcoins will only rise exponentially.

Last Words

So, as you can see this are the 7 most important reasons to invest in bitcoins in 2019. It is most certainly the future form of money and because of its scarcity, as mentioned, the value will only rise. Even lots of investors and giants like Apple and Amazon are gradually warming up to the use of bitcoins soon. For more information, on the bitcoin trader 2 platform, you can visit their new site.

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