Acai Bowls- A healthy light breakfast

Acai powder has long been used as traditional medicine, and recently it has gained popularity as a weight loss supplement and energy booster. Acai bowls are often made with acai or acai puree, bananas, strawberries, lemon juice, granola, and nut butter.

The fruit provides sustained energy that can keep you going until lunchtime without feeling weighed down. You’ll get the complete package: fibre from the nuts or granola and antioxidants from the berries for good health. Acai contains high levels of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients. So, eating it in hopes of losing weight or consuming a healthy breakfast can only do great things to your body. Let’s discuss everything you should know about Acai Bowls.

What are Acai Bowls Made Of?

Many acai bowls are made with just three ingredients, that’s it, and these ingredients Acai, bananas, and strawberries are usually all you need. You merely have to search acai bowls near me on google to find the restaurants with this meal on their menu cards. However, some prefer to add granola or a scoop of protein powder for extra nutrients. You could also use low-fat yoghurt and fresh fruits to create a creamy base.

What is Acai Berry?

Acai Berry is the actual fruit of the Acai berry tree. It is small, blue to purple, and non-sweet and has a sour taste with a slight tinge of bitterness. Each berry contains approximately 40 calories, but the seeds contain more calories as they are pretty sweet.

The acai berry tree grows mainly on the East side of South America and Brazil, where it spreads slowly by seed. Acai berries have a rich and powerful history. For example, the ancient acai berry was used as a power food by the American Indians to control their blood pressure, cholesterol, and high blood sugar levels.

All these nutrients can help you maintain and improve your overall health. They also help lower cholesterol levels, reduce muscle pain, and ease joint stiffness effectively. In addition, Acai berries can be eaten raw or cooked in different ways, such as in juices, smoothies or mixed with dishes like bread and muffins for a healthier option to the regular daily diet.

The Benefits of Acai Bowl:

Acai bowls are a very nutritious and beneficial meal that helps protect the body from diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, they are an excellent source of healthy fats and vitamin C. They also help control blood sugar levels by raising insulin levels to enable the cells to absorb glucose from food necessary for normal functioning in the body.

 They can also fight against the ageing process and reduce bloating by increasing water intake. The best benefit of eating acai bowls is that they provide the necessary energy to keep up with the demanding workday. They are made in such a way that they have contents that can resist heat very well and keep you going for long hours without feeling tired.

Acai Bowls are low calories; therefore, they can help you shed weight. It’s also a good option for vegetarians as it is loaded with protein and is a complete meal as it provides three foods: protein, carbohydrates, and fruit. In addition, you can add your favourite toppings for better taste.

How to make Acai Bowls?

Acai berries look like small dark blue berries with a slight green tinge. To make your acai bowl, blend the frozen acai powder with granola, yoghurt, and fruit together, then enjoy it with some honey or agave syrup if desired.

It would help if you considered adding some low-fat yoghurt to intensify the creaminess of the mixture. Some people like to use honey or agave syrup as sweeteners, while others prefer stevia, an all-natural sweetener extracted from plants.

Acai Bowl Ingredients:

  • 2 cups acai puree (you can get it from frozen acai in packets, organic stores, or Amazon)
  • 1 teaspoon honey or agave syrup for taste (optional)
  • Low Fat Yogurt


Add the above-listed ingredients and mix them well. You can have your Acai Bowl with granola or sliced bananas on top. You may also add some squares of dark chocolate or nuts if you wish to increase the protein content of your meal.

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