Best Ways to make money for a lavishing lifestyle

Whether you’re a recent college grad trying to figure out what to do with your life or someone who has been in the workforce for years and needs a new change of pace, you don’t want to feel like your job is just about making ends meet. Instead, you want to be able to pursue work that makes you passionate and feeds your soul.

┬áSo, if you’re tired of the 9-to-5 grind and are looking for a new career path that can pay off big time, then plenty of jobs out there will net over $100K or more annually. If you want to know more about how to make a lot of money and spend it wisely, click here. These are the 10 Best Jobs that will pay you over $100K per year.

1. Blockchain developer:

With the recent boom in cryptocurrency, you’ve probably already heard of blockchain.    It is increasing and is used in thousands of companies that want to track transactions. Some of these companies include IBM, Microsoft, J&J, Alibaba, etc. The demand for blockchain developers will skyrocket in the future as blockchain has numerous applications in different businesses, be it oil and gas or finance. Learning blockchain development is a bit challenging as it requires prior knowledge of programming language. However, the best part of the blockchain developer job is that it does not necessitate any specific degree subjected to this skill. 

2. Data scientist:

A person who uses statistical analysis to extract meaning from large volumes of data can bake it into insight-driven actions that they can use to make better decisions moving forward. Data is a real prospect behind the success of every enterprise; a person who can analyze data to gain valuable insights is in high demand. According to a study by Stack Overflow, more than 127,000 people responded that they were interested in becoming data scientists.

3. Sales representative:

A salesperson adept at selling a product or service to customers over the phone, by email, and across other channels. You’ll need to be able to develop relationships with prospects and convince them that your product or service is the best choice for them. On average, a salesperson makes $130K per year.

4. Product manager:

A person manages all aspects of a product from its inception through actual launch and distribution. The work of a product manager tends to be varied and is usually responsible for the overall product design, marketing, and pricing. All of these tasks take place while managing a team of individuals. The median salary a product manager makes is $127K per year.

5. Marketing director:

A marketing director organizes and manages the company’s marketing department. It includes developing strategies for increasing brand awareness, developing new products or services, publicity events, advertising strategies, offering discounts to customers in return for promoting the business on social media, etc. A median salary of $120K per year.

6. Business Analyst

You might have heard of Business Intelligence (BI) and data mining as buzzwords in the past 10 years or so. Business Intelligence is the analysis of business data and its conversion into useful information for a company to make better decisions in terms of sales, marketing, growth, etc.

7. Biomedical engineer:

A biomedical engineer applies biology, chemistry and physics principles to medical devices and diagnostics, such as imaging systems for MRI machines or CT scans. These types of jobs generally require that you have an advanced degree because of the rigorous research that is required to develop these products.

A machine learning expert is a data scientist who can apply statistical and mathematical techniques to help a business make sense of vast amounts of data to draw better conclusions and make data-driven decisions. These jobs generally require expertise in various software programs such as Excel, R, SAS, MATLAB etc. The median salary for a machine learning expert is around $115K per year.

9. Social media manager:

A social media manager manages the social media communications for the company. These people manage their organization’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. A median salary of $113K per year.

10. Full Stack Software Developer:

A Full Stack Software developer can handle all aspects of any application’s software development life cycle, including quality assurance, testing, project management, and even some networking tasks.

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