Cost-Effective Ways to Secure Your New Home

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to secure your home, you’re not alone. American homes experience break-ins daily; odd as it may sound, nearly half of these attacks happen during the day when no one is home. According to Simply Insurance, of the 2.5 million reported annual break-ins, over 65% happen in homes.

Why Burglars Pick On a Home

Thieves use numerous techniques to know where to pounce. According to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, 45% of these home break-ins happen between noon and 4 pm, while only 39% occur at night. A thief doesn’t announce when they’ll be coming to break your door and rummage through your prized items. But one’s habits increase the probability of that happening, which will likely cost you your hard-earned property and more wasted time in court cases.

You ask how they will know the house to choose. Is your compound well maintained, swept clean, and all litter and leaves collected? If not, the uninvited guests will likely pick on it, indicating you might be away. Has your mail been piling up in the mailbox?

You may have forgotten that small activity of emptying your mailbox, but the thief will notice it. They’ll likely attempt to knock your door open because the uncollected mail implies your absence. Act early and wisely to secure your property and save money.

Set Your House In Order

American homes are unique, not just for proudly flying the nation’s flag on the front entrance, but also because they stack up many valuable and hardly used items. Regina Lark says the average American home holds up to 300,000 items. From clothing items, furniture, paper clips, cookware, utensils, bedroom items, and so much more, you’ll be surprised at how much stuff people store that they don’t use.

Interestingly, some homeowners go to the extent of renting storage to keep some of this stuff. A Huffington Post study found that up to 84% of Americans worry they have too many items and that their homes could be better organized. No wonder clutter is a problem in up to a quarter of U.S. homes, according to Time Magazine. The clutter problem is so pervasive that most people don’t have room to park their cars in the garage.

Do Your Due Diligence Before Buying Property

You need a good, safe place to live. In the same breath, you need to save money. To settle down your family, you need the best piece of property your money can buy. This should be a safe place where you’ll be happy to settle in.

For many property buyers, the Internet is their first port of call. The National Association of Realtors figures indicate that up to 47% of recent buyers start their search on the internet for information about houses on sale. The internet provides you with useful information on housing market trends.

The internet can also provide too much information. Maybe that’s why more than half of prospective home buyers do their due diligence elsewhere. The National Association of Realtors report that about 18% talk to a real estate agent first, probably because they already have their research done and are ready to move to the next step in the home-buying journey.

This is important because they have the information they need and are focused on using it to close a deal. Realtors have home buying and selling experience. They’re, therefore, likely to give you insightful information at a fee. The advantage of using a realtor is that you’ll save time. They have valuable ideas and suggestions and can answer any question and address all your concerns.

There’s no right or wrong way to start your home ownership journey, but your chosen method of finally settling down in the home of your dreams should save you money. However you decide to secure your new home, rest assured that they can be cost-effective.

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