Different ways to get rich with Bitcoin

Recently Bitcoin, or the cryptovaluta, have reached their highest historical value. You can get a virtual wallet on different online services. Beware many are not reliable and only try to defraud users.

Mining: In addition to being purchased, Bitcoins can also be generated. The operation takes the name of mining, in Italian translatable as extraction.  In recent years, due to the difficulty of the process, it is no longer considered an advantageous system. It would be better to be part of a group that deals with “extracting” virtual currency.

Localbitcoins.com: The world of Bitcoin is quite democratic, it offers different possibilities to everyone. By registering on Localbitcoins.com you can become a Bitcoin market maker. That is, we will manage a process of buying and selling on the Net of the virtual currency. After registering we will have to insert announcements to start negotiations, prices and times. In practice in this way we will sell Bitcoins to people who in return will pay us with “real” money. Buyers and sellers are evaluated by a feedback system and any suspicious movement is blocked.

Extraction of encrypted currency: Mining is the first way to get people to dominate Bitcoin. In order not to delve into the details of cryptocurrency mining, in order to successfully create new tokens. It is necessary to invest in dedicated equipment and make sure that you can bear the cost of electricity. After examining these initial obstacles and starting to produce bitcoins, you can easily sell them by opening an account with bitcoin champion

Bitcoin tap:Taps simply asks viewers to watch the ads and reward their sites with cryptocurrencies. Although every Bitcoin leader has his own rules and conditions, he usually runs along these lines.

You can start cryptocurrency trading immediately by opening a higher level Bitcoin exchange account, such as Coinbase. Depending on the exchange, you can use a debit or credit card to make payments and receive your digital currency immediately. Once you have enough experience in cryptocurrency trading, you can try higher risk options such as margin trading and CFD trading on Bitcoin. 

Commission: Today’s technology allows anyone with the right skills to become a Bitcoin broker. With proven P2P trading platforms like Local Bitcoin, you can easily set up your Bitcoin brokerage business and start making money by promoting third party trading. Before becoming a Bitcoin broker, you need to understand the basics, but once you have enough experience, it can prove to be a very profitable opportunity.

Bitcoin is a currency without physical support

Here is the curious thing about Bitcoin: “It is not an asset that exists, physically speaking, which can be found in a particular place, even on a hard drive.” We are talking that if a person has Bitcoin, when reviewing a particular BTC address we will not find digital assets stored in it, contrary to what happens with bank accounts that work with legal tender.

Instead of the above, we will only find records of transactions between different addresses, with balances that increase and decrease. Every transaction that took place is stored in a large public ledger called Blockchain. In the event that a person wishes to track any BTC address, the information must be searched on the Blockchain and will only account for the transactions made through that address.

What things appear in a BTC transaction?

If a person wishes to make a transfer to another, there are 3 fundamental aspects that must be considered:

  • An input: It is a kind of registry of the Bitcoin that is originally owned in the BTC portfolio.
  • An amount: Regarding the balance that you want to transfer to the other person.
  • An output: Constituted by the BTC address belonging to the wallet of the person to whom the Bitcoin balance will be sent.

How is the shipment made?

Two things are needed to send the Bitcoin balance: A BTC address and a private key. The BTC address is automatically generated by the Bitcoin wallet and is nothing more than a sequence of letters and numbers. The private key is a password that the user must enter to confirm the transaction.

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