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Are you investing in cryptocurrency? Or keeping an eye on every single update for it? For the ones who aren’t aware much about it must know what does the term “cryptocurrency” mean? In simple terms, it can be defined as a digital currency. It means you won’t be getting any tangible bill or coin in hand, and it’s available only online. Also, this cryptocurrency is easily transferable from one person to another without depending on any third party, such as the banks. Among the popular cryptocurrencies, ether and bitcoin are present. Though, the new cryptocurrencies are in creation.

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What are the tools available on this cryptocurrency blog?

Crypto Calculator

With the use of a crypto calculator, you can easily make the conversion of prices in a real-time. Convert any two currencies easily with two crypto calculators:

Fiat to Crypto Calculator

Crypto to Crypto Calculator

Crypto Exchange

This crypto exchange helps in making easy exchanges available for cryptocurrency.

Price charts

You can find several price charts available on this website. These include:

Bitcoin Price Index

Bitcoin Cash Price Index

Ripple Price Index

Stellar Price Index

IOTA Price Index

Litecoin Price Index

EOS Price Index

Ethereum Price Index

CARDANO Price Index

Learn more about cryptocurrency

Often, people make usage of cryptocurrencies to make payments online. This is a great currency which helps in avoiding the fees of transactions like in the banks. Some people invest in cryptocurrency investments to make a profit when the investment value rises. If you’re willing to purchase cryptocurrency, then use your credit card, or even mining process can help you buy it. For the storage of cryptocurrency, there is an online wallet available which can be saved either on any hardware or computer. 

Some informational facts about cryptocurrency are crucial to learning before buying it. It doesn’t come with a safe level of safety, which is like your dollars. Also, many scammers are trying to make people release payments using the cryptocurrency since the scammers know that these payments don’t get reversed back.

Cryptocurrency Investment: Does it comes with risks or not?

You might have made some investments and know about the risk associated with it. Similarly, it is wise to learn about some risks when making a cryptocurrency investment. Check below some points which can help you be a good investor:

No money earning guarantee

In the cryptocurrency market, no one gives a guarantee about any money-making deal. If you’re getting such a guarantee for any profit, then there is a possibility that the person is a scammer. You can’t consider any investment which is among the endorsements by a celebrity or is widely popular to be 100% safe. The same is the case with cryptocurrency. If you don’t afford to lose your money, don’t make cryptocurrency investment.

Every cryptocurrency is not the same

Not all the companies who are doing cryptocurrency promotion may be under the same position. You can do a search over the web for the company name, along with the review or complaints about their cryptocurrency name. 

Using cryptocurrency to pay

Before using the cryptocurrency to pay, it is good to learn what is different between cryptocurrency payments and other traditional payments.

Legal safety is not the same with cryptocurrency payments

When you’re using debit or credit cards, you have protection legally in case of wrong happenings. For instance, in the case of a disputable purchase, you’ll get back your money as per the legal process. Generally, the payments made using cryptocurrency can’t be reversed. The chances of cryptocurrency money back are possible when the seller pays back to you.

Before making a deal with the seller using cryptocurrency payments, know about the seller’s location, contact, and reputation.

No refunds are possible in cryptocurrency payments

If there are any chances of refunds possible, check whether it is available in cryptocurrency or dollars. Also, check your refund value. The cryptocurrency value keeps changing continuously. Before making any purchase using cryptocurrency, check the refund calculation method of your seller.

Information becomes public to some extent

Though, the transactions made with cryptocurrency are unnamed. Though, the transactions are made public by posting on the ledger such as Bitcoin Blockchain. In the Blockchain list, the records of the public are available, which reveals about transactions made by someone using cryptocurrency? It depends upon your cryptocurrency transaction that the blockchain records reveal the transaction amount or not. Also, the records hold information such as recipient and sender’s address of wallets.

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