17 Easy Ways to Make Money at Home

easy ways to make money at home


Earning money through traditional methods in today’s competitive world is very tough. And we end up with valuable degrees but in return, they are unable to provide the income we expect. The cream wipes up the high-paying jobs and we remain at the lower levels. And further, this situation comes in every individual’s life and leads to moral failure. But now the situation is different, the world is moving fast and the requirements are increasing day by day. There are many easy ways to make money at home.

One can look for home based online jobs, make a startup from home and show your unknown talent that will be helpful in earning money. And by engaging in such earning activities can make you earn more than your current salary. Don’t waste your time in thinking because here we provide you different, easy and effective ways to make money from home with nearly less investment than you thought off.


Make online money from Home              

1. Get paid by surfing ads

Surfing ads are one of the easiest methods to make money from home. And we well know that advertisement is huge business globally. Every single company spends thousands to millions of dollars every year to promote their products and services through advertisement. But the medium can be offline or online but they focus on earning money and increasing their product value among the customers and here you can earn money by just clicking on the ads and watching them.

There are many websites available on the internet that is trustworthy regarding the payments and you just have to sign in and get paid for reading the ads on the websites. Sign in regularly and click on the ads given on your account and here you just have to spend only 20-30 minutes and you require a personal computer or laptop with fast internet.


Online Micro Jobs

These small jobs only take few seconds or minutes to complete and here you have to share a page, provide a rating to the products and services to different companies, writing a small article or just creating a testimonial for the clients. There are many websites that provide micro jobs like mTurks, Microworkers etc.

You can earn from cents to dollars which entirely depends upon the length of the job and by just spending 2 hours daily can make you earn at least $300 on monthly basis and this makes it one of the easy ways to make money at home.

2. Online Surveying

Online Surveys help the companies to determine the customer’s opinion about the product and focus on increasing sales. The online survey is one of the best methods to earn money and here you can sign up with different surveying companies and they will send you surveys via email. You just have to complete the survey and get paid for this task.

There are only a few companies that pay for online surveys but you just have to search for the genuine ones that provide surveys and pay for them.

3. Online Captcha solving jobs

Captcha entry jobs are very interesting and easy to make online money from home. Whenever you create an account you have to complete the captcha and enter the credentials from the image and captcha solving helps the companies to prevent automatic creation of the account on their websites. There is a huge demand of captcha entry operators.

Here you just have to solve the captcha and enter it correctly into the software and it’s easy to solve 1000 captchas in 1 or 2 hours that entirely depends upon the speed of the operator. It is one of the easy ways to make money at home and can earn $1 to $2 by solving 1000 captchas and can earn Rs. 10000 to Rs. 15000 per month and one can easily find captcha entry work online with good payment history.


4. Blogging

Blogging is an easy and creative way to earn online money and here you have to create a blog, post some interesting content and promote your blog among the internet users. There are free and paid blogs and it’s very simple to make a blog and earn money in a number of ways.

On your blog, you can post ads on the ad networks like Google or Ad sense and they pay you for every click on the ad on your blog. To make it a hit among the internet users it entirely depends on the material available on the blog and you have to come up with creative and interesting ideas to make a blog and one of the easy ways to make money at home.

5. Online Promotion Jobs

In this job, you have to promote the products of various online shopping platforms. The platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Snapdeal, and Flipkart which pay well for promotion. And these shopping sites provide affiliate programs and they pay for every sale from your promotion. The affiliate program comes with no investments and you earn 4 to 15 percent from the sales done via promotion and one of the sure shot ways to make money from home. Please check out our complete guide how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Freelancing Jobs

In freelancing jobs, you provide services to the clients. You just have to sign up on different freelancing sites and post your profile with services that you can provide. And on these sites, the clients can be permanent or temporary which depends on the nature of the work they provide. It is one of the best possible and easy ways to make money at home by promoting your talent.

Sites like Fiverr, Upwork etc. are some of the famous freelancing platforms from where you can earn easy money. The demanding skills on these websites are like creative writing, web designing, online promotion, coding, photography, image editing and so on.

6. Online Writing Jobs

People with a talent for writing can opt for online writing jobs and earn money. This job is popular because every website needs creative content on regular basis and here you can earn from $5 to $20 depending on the nature of the content. There are many online platforms like Upwork or Fiverr where you can find which provide such opportunity.

If you are unable to write and still want to work for the same then start practicing to enhance your skills to be a good writer and log on to these platforms and start earning money from home.


Online Assistance to earn money

7. Mystery Shopping

Secret shopping is done to evaluate the products and services of the company. And they want their customers to be treated well and provide best products. For this job, you have to certainly leave your home but it is a very interesting job to pursue because you have to evaluate your experience to the client as a customer and send your feedback to them.

Some of the leading firms or hotel chains hire such freelancers to share their reviews with customers. This helps them in evaluating and updating their services if required. More interestingly you get paid for such experiences and one of the promising ways to make money from home.

8. Online Guide

With an area of expertise and writing skills, you can become an online guide and here you are basically a freelancer with an ability to guide on a particular topic of your proficiency. You can either end up with your personal blog or can assign with any leading website. People generally face problems and you can help them with your guidance and skills by simply sitting at home.

They are paid well in the percentage of the accepted answers to the questions asked by the clients. It is a very creative job that will improve your skills and it is amongst the easiest ways to make money from home. Simply profits from both sides of the business.

9. Virtual Assistant

Small companies need professional guidance in their operations. But there are times when they can’t afford such professionals on a regular payroll. They end up looking for virtual assistants and here your role begins where you are able to handle all the projects, planning and other support services via phone or email.

You can easily earn money on an hourly basis by providing assistance to such companies. The only requirements are the skills, computer, printer, and the internet and now work from home as a virtual assistant and support the companies with your expertise.

10. Online Tutor

With teaching skills and good academic records in your portfolio become an online tutor. Why waste your talent that you have learned lifelong. You can use it effectively by becoming an online tutor and nourish with your knowledge with deserving candidates. Students always search for such tutors who can guide them while they are at home.

You can teach them through Skype or via emailing them the assignments. Here you get paid on an hourly basis or payments are made per assignment and this makes it as the best ways to make money from home. One can also assign to different online teaching portals and guide the students. These portals pay well with respect to registrations on their website.

11. Data entry

Data entry and managing it correctly is a major requirement for every company. They hire freelancers to do this job and pay well with respect to the data. But there are certain companies which are bogus and demand registration fee on starting and you should be beware of such scams and bogus sites.

Before registering on these sites try to get the reviews for the same on Google. Never ever pay any registration fee for data entry or typing jobs. Do check the reputation of the company before signing in.

Earn Through care

12. Pet sitting

If you love pets and take good care than this job is made for you. There are times when people go out and want someone to take care of their furry babies. Some sites match you with the needful and allow you to sit for them. Pet sitters have their own rates and can charge on the hourly or monthly basis where you can earn up to $1000 for pet sitting.

Baby Sitting

The nature of this job is same as pet sitting but the subject is different. If you love to play and can take good care of children’s than babysitting is just for you. You just have to polite and calm with the children and involved in their activities. Because there are parents who often look for such babysitters and they pay well for this job.


13 . Rent your parking area

If you have enough parking space or don’t use it for your parking then rent it others. Earn easy money by renting the space of your parking area because parking is a major problem in major cities. And people always search up for safer parking areas for their vehicles. You simply have to post add for the same or a sign board will do the job. And people will approach you for the parking area and through this, you can add a little but regular money to your pocket.

14. Rent your vehicles

You own a vehicle and use it frequently than earn money by renting your vehicle. People generally visit places and hiring a cab is much costlier and they can use your vehicle to wander around and enjoy the place. You can earn easy money by renting your car and get paid on hourly basis.

15. Rent your studio apartment or other costlier things

In our home, we generally have things that are costly and we rarely use them. Like music instruments, attires, Aps, games, cameras etc. You can simply rent these items and earn good money. Because being costlier most of the people are not able to buy them and they can have these items on rent and use them accordingly. Even you can give your studio on rent and earn huge amount in return.


Be creative and earn money

16. Sell Photographs online

This job requires a good camera and art to click amazing photos. Today everyone has a Smartphone with good quality cameras inbuilt. And if you have the talent to click great photos then why to waste it. Sell these photographs to the leading websites and earn money.

You can click good photos of nature, animals, places, incidents etc. and work as a freelancer. Websites like PhotoBucket, Shutterstock, iStock etc can buy your photos and pay you well for the same. Hence you can try to get good quality photos and sell them to these websites.

17. Side Business

Opening Side business can be an easy way to make money from home. You can come up with different ideas to open a side business. If you love cooking then go for a home-based bakery where you can supply cakes and pastries or you can join such companies that allow home working like Amway, Oriflame, and Avon etc. and earn money from them.


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