Essential Bingo Lingo for Online Casinos UK

Bingo lingo is something which is essential to the game, you may not have realised it but you have probably used bingo lingo in conversations with other players. The social side of the game is built off of the intricate terms and expressions that players use, it helps make the game seem a bit more exclusive and creates a greater sense of community.

For new players, bingo lingo is one of the most confusing parts of the game. The calls especially can be confusing. Understanding essential bingo lingo is imperative to having an enjoyable time to play bingo online. Below are some examples of bingo lingo and why they are important to understand. 

History of Bingo Lingo 

Bingo lingo is actually a relatively recent addition to the game, although bingo has been around for hundreds of years it was actually known as beano until the late nineteenth century. It’s name and other colloquial terms began to develop over the course of the twentieth century. Many bingo lingo actually originated from the UK which makes the calls sound British, this is why many people are surprised to find out that bingo actually first came from Italy. 

Key Terms 

1TG is often used in online bingo chat rooms, when a user puts this in the chat this means that they have one number left to cross off. It is incredibly exciting to see this term used once you understand what it means, hopefully you’ll be using this term at some point as well! 

2TG is similar to 1TG but means that the player has two numbers left to check off. You’ll find other variations of 1TG used such as 3TG, they all carry the same meaning with the only difference being how many balls are left. 

GL means good luck. This is used in the chat room either before or during a game, it is used when speaking to other players and shows that you wish them well in their game. Wishing players luck in a game is important as it shows a nice bit of sportsmanship. 

SYS is a polite way of leaving the online bingo chat room. It means see you soon and is commonly used by players. Whenever you log onto the online bingo chat rooms expect to see this farewell used regularly by departing players. 

WTG is an abbreviation used by players as a way to support their fellow players’ successes. It means way to go and is commonly used by players when someone has just won a game or is incredibly close to winning, however it can sometimes pop up in general chat as well. 

Conclusion – The Future of Bingo Lingo 

Bingo Lingo has proven to be an incredibly popular addition to the game, it helps create a sense of community within the game. However as times change so must bingo in order to remain relevant. Woke bingo is proving to be a popular update on traditional bingo lingo, allowing for much more socially aware younger players to enjoy the game.

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