Everything you should know about OTDR tester

The past decade has witnessed a boom in the use of the Internet. Along with the same thing, there are other technologies which have significantly doubled 8. One of the most important technologies which have witnessed a lot of increase in its usage is the OTDR fibre network. It is a new type of internet supply medium, and it is considered to be much more reliable than any other source of supplying an accurate and fast internet network.

As it has been years since we have been using the OTDR fibre network, there are always some areas where faults arise. Due to the life this network system has been through, there are definitely chances of some faults and inaccuracies in the network. Sometimes, the network gets damaged, and therefore, we need the OTDR tester. It is a device which is used for checking the reliability as well as the connectivity of the OTDR fibre network, and that is why it is not the most important device that the technicians use.

What is an OTDR?

OTDR is basically the short form used for optical time-domain reflectometer, and it is used for performance evaluation of the newly installed fibre links. Whenever there is a problem in the fibre network, the best otdr fibre tester comes into use, and it helps in existing the new network links between the fibre network. The basic purpose is to detect, locate and also measure the element and the location of the fibre network, which is compromised and becoming a problem in delivering fast internet connectivity.

It basically works on the one-dimensional radar system, and therefore, tracing the signatures can be a little bit easier using the OTDR. There are multiple areas of the OTD or network which has to be understood by everyone in order to use this technology, and we will help you today in this department.

Choosing the best!

Due to the widespread popularity of OTDR devices, multiple companies are selling them in the market nowadays. They want to establish a greater customer base, and therefore, they provide you with a diversity of services. But, today, finding the best one can be a little bit complicated due to the wide variety of options you are going to get. So, you need to be very well aware of how you can choose the best one, and that is only possible if you know about what are the considerations to keep in mind. If you are out in the market to purchase the right one, make sure to keep the below-given points in mind.

  • The very first considerations that are going to help you in finding the perfect OTDR device are the size and weight. While you are carrying along an OTDR device, you must be capable of climbing up to a tower or a building. It must not be too heavy to carry along, and it must also not be too lightweight to be less durable according to your situation. So, always make sure to purchase the one with the ideal weight and size.
  • Another thing that is going to be very helpful in purchasing the right OTDR device for you is the display size. You need to make sure that there is a minimum of 5-inch display on your OTDR device because lesser than that will not be easily operatable. So, it is an important thing you need to keep in mind because it will help you a lot in your work.
  • Result storage must also be considered when you are purchasing the OTDR device, and it should be at least 128 MB. It is because any lesser memory than that is not going to be very suitable for you to store the large amount of data that you are going to fetch from the network. Also, there must be an extendable memory through the USB device, which is going to be an additional point.
  • Finding the most suitable OTDR device will be easier for you if you consider Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless technology. The wireless connectivity is going to enable you to explore the results easily, and also, you can export them to your computer or laptop very easily. Exporting the data is very crucial because you will be able to evaluate it in a much better manner using the computer device.
  • Availability of the OTDR device according to the upgrades is also crucial to be considered because you must be capable of using every update on your device. With the new upgrades, you are going to get better technology, and your work will be much easier.


By using the above-given considerations, it will be a cakewalk for you to find a perfect OTDR device according to your word. These devices are quite crucial in the world of the Internet because today, the Internet is being provided to every household and company using the fibre network only. So, make sure to use these tips to find the right OTDR device.

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