Do you know fonts play an important role in marketing your content? Not completely but to a certain extent, because data presentation is very important along with the significant content. It does not matter how beautiful thing inside the box if the package is shabby. The first thing which will strike in our mind is that thing inside the box won’t be better. That’s why we focus more on packaging, presentation and make data more attractive. So that your first glimpse would develop the positive perception towards it.

Fonts help to look data more attractive, neat, clean and clear. And there are tons of fonts available to choose but where to go to find these fonts? Fontspace is a popular website where you can download thousands of free fonts.

What is Fontspace?

Fontspace is a website which provides thousands of free fonts to download. It has 32873 fonts and 2203 designers along with 753393 active members. Website not only provides free fonts but allow you to advertise your fonts on their website. In other words, it is a platform where you can promote your fonts by giving them free. When you browse their website you will find a section of the new designer which means they got some new fonts in their data base.

How to download fonts from Fontspace?

Downloading fonts from Fontsspace is just like the click of a button. you just need to search font click on that and you will find an option to download. Once the file is downloaded now you can upload this into your system for further use.  You can choose font through the categories like calligraphy, elegant, decorative, cursive, bold, brush, logotype and much more. These categories are selected while uploading the fonts by the designer so that we can easily search these through search option, Categorization helps us to search fonts easily.


How to upload or promote your own fonts?

If you want you can create your own font and promote on Fontspace. It is good for both the designer and recipients. Becuase members don’t pay anything for the fonts and designer are also not charged for promoting. But there are certain strict guidelines which you need to adhere. First, you need to create an account with Fontspace. You create new or sign up with Facebook. You also need to provide the copyright proof of the fonts while uploading. In case if you have any question related to listing you can write an direct email through the contact page.

Some of the Most Popular fonts from Fonts space

The website has lots of popular fonts available but some of them are very famous and most searched. Which we are going to share with you.

  1. Disney Font
  2. Cool Font
  3. Chalkboard Font
  4. Tatto Font
  5. Cursive Font
  6. Calligraphy Fonts
  7. Harry Potter Font
  8. Fancy Font
  9. Bubbles Font
  10. Script Font
  11. Baseball Font
  12. Holloween Font
  13. Star Tek Font
  14. Handwriting Font
  15. College Font

Benefits of promoting Fonts through Fontspace

  1. You get a bigger exposure in the market they have 20 million page views in a month. Which means you are going to promote your font with highly targeted and huge audience.
  2. Good for both users and designers as it is completely free. For commercial purpose, you can leave the separate link to contact.
  3. You also get statistics like the number of downloads, Favorites, and rating. which helps you in your growth analysis.
  4. You can also earn money through their donate option.
  5. They also have a blog for fonts community. where you can get the updates related to fonts.


Fontspace is a very popular site where we can download thousands of free fonts. it is not only good for users but for the designer as well due to its popularity. The website allows only copyright fonts which makes it safer for use. Site navigation and downloading process are very simple which makes it more user-friendly.


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