If you run a boutique or specialty store, this is the time to keep your marketing techniques customer-centric and wait for the hefty rewards. However, without a special marketing strategy that acts as a focal point when going 100% customer-centered, chances are that you may miss the dots. 

By consciously boosting your gift-based sales, you stand a chance to kill four birds with only one stone. This influencer marketing technique enhances brand messaging while at the same time improving brand affinity. Additionally, this plan will engage customers and help you reach the the apex of customer loyalty.  

Below are insights to boosting your gift-based sales: 

Offering Discounts

Discounting is certainly not a new marketing tactic. It has been in existence basically since trade itself. Even with that, the incentive still plays a huge role in creating a special appeal that not only fosters customer-seller relationships but also enhances brand awareness.

Trade discount and “buy-one-get-one-free” discounts help with moving stagnant stocks. On the other hand, the volume discount creates a platform that entices customers to go beyond their purchasing threshold. However, for your case, scratch-and-win tickets with sealed discounts can effectively drive your short-term marketing dreams at marginal costs. 

Offering Free Shipping

However, inasmuch as free shipping can increase your business revenue by 10 percent, you may also be going on a limb. You must know when and what type of goods to offer free shipping on, to minimize the losses. For example, you can offer free shipment if a customer buys goods worth $25 and above, just like Amazon does for certain goods. This can be an marketing gem for your business.

Offering Gift Bundles

Product bundling is one of the most efficient ways to stay ahead of the competition curve. Usually, when you give out a gift bundle that complements another product, a customer looking for the main product is likely to fall into the trap and carry it home too. For example, a tuner or amplifier, when gifted as a bundle, can trigger the purchase of a guitar.

For small-scale businesses, gifting bundles may be expensive. Make sure to come up with predetermined stats before embarking on the journey. Whatever your gift, make sure you can give it away often enough to make an impact with your customer base while also getting concrete revenue gains. This means that giving gifts shouldn’t cut into your running capital. 

Offering Gift-Cards

Gift cards come with special, store-exclusive funds on them. However, most beneficiaries go ahead and make purchases above the card’s funds. By including them in your options, therefore, you will stand a chance to increase your sales volume a great deal. 

According to Adweek, 81 percent of shoppers do online research before making any form of purchase. During this moment, they carefully enlist and weigh out the existing options based partly on how the business chooses to entice them. Don’t assume that you are the only one offering gift items. Instead, curate these gifts to match the distinct needs of your target customers to make them stand out.

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