5 Best websites to download free Easter clip art

free easter clip art

Christmas is the one of the significant celebrating occasion for Christians! The next celebrating event for Christians is Easter day! While Christmas gets celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ, Easter day symbolizes the day on which Jesus Christ attained victory over death. Both of these days get celebrated with great enthusiasm honoring Jesus Christ and his glorious teachings to lead the life with happiness achieving peace! It is the day on which Christians share gifts, wishes, and blessings with each other. Easter will arrive, and people will search for the most amazing and fun-filled images, videos and quotes to wish on Easter.

On this article, you can get the best websites from where you can collect the best Easter Clipart for the occasion. You can simply download the clip arts and forward it to your friends, colleagues and family member wishing them Happy Easter! Fill their hearts with fun and love!

Following are the websites to download free Easter clip art

1. Clipart Library

Clipart Library is one of the best websites to collect Clip arts for Easter. The graphic images are quite impressive which will draw your attention in the first glance. You can obtain around 42 Easter clip art without any charges. You can post these Easter images on your website, or on social networks. Downloading any of these pictures is effortless. Scroll the photos to find the collection and select the best. Click on the image to view it in its full resolution. You can either click on the Download button or right click on the image and click on ‘save image as’ to save the image file. The images displayed on the webpage are available in JPEG, GIF and PNG file format.

2. Culinary Schools

If you are searching for beautiful Easter images online, visit Culinary Schools to get the collection of the most beautiful pictures. The selection of Clip arts is limited, but you will find the pictures according to your requirements. Chick with Easter Egg, Chick Hatches from an Egg, Easter Basket, Easter Chick, and lots of more images with the detailed description at Culinary Schools will end your search. You need not download the images from the website! Just click on the image you wish to use, and you will get a Pop-up box with the embed code of the image. You can copy the embed code and paste it on your website or social page. The images get designed by creative experts with great attention!

3. Happy Easter Info

Happy Easter Info brings an extensive collection of Easter images making your search simpler and stress-free. Visit the website, and you will get some sections with particular preferences. Click on ‘Read More’ and take a tour of the wide collections of Easter Clip art in the section. The graphic designs of the images are quite exotic and fascinating. You can directly download any of the images or can even share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and many more social networks. Right-click on the image and scroll down the cursor to ‘save image as’ and save the image. Downloading the images with high resolution from this site is free, and you can easily share the images with your family, friends or colleagues wishing them ‘Happy Easter!’

4. The holiday spot

Make your Easter wishes customized adding exclusive images with your plain text of ‘Happy Easter’! Visit The holiday spot is an amazing destination for persons searching for Easter images. The collection is limited but is quite impressive. Simply, right click on the image and click on ‘save image as’ to download the clipart. You can get funny images for Easter, Easter basket, etc. You can also collect background images designed exclusively for Easter wishes. Download the images and write the Easter wishes and customize your wishes.

5. 123freevectors

123 Free Vectors brings a wide range of Easter images with unique graphic designs. Visit the website and scroll down the webpage to take a glance at the collections. Easter eggs, Easter bunny, Easter Basket, religious images for Easter and lots of more images are waiting for you. Click on any of the images, and you will get the image view with its full resolution.


These are the best websites for you to download Easter clip art with the best designs. Make your wishes for Easter customized and impressive. Your wish means a lot to your friends, family, and others you care!

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