Heart clip art

Heart clip art has huge demand at the time of Valentine, however, these are also used for many online projects including emails to loved ones and other decoration projects. If you have any ongoing decoration projects or planning to make a perfect greeting card for your loved ones then don’t forget to check the collection of our websites. Which are not only delivering tons of free heart clip art but also provide you the core source to search other types of clip art.

If decoration is your hobby and you usually search for a different kind of clip art then you can refer our other articles which can provide you thousands of free clip art. Including turkey clip art, Heart clip art, Valentine clip art, Christmas Tree Clip art, and Fall clip art.


Following are the websites to download free heart clip art.

1.  Vecteezy

Vecteezy will provide you both free and premium collection of heart clip art.  The site is also popular to get clip art background so here you can also find heart clip art backgrounds. Most of the images are in JPEG formats whereas some of them are in PNG format as well. Account registration is not mandatory until you are looking for free images. this website can provide you more than thousands free heart clip art.

2. Clipart library

Clipart library is also a community that offers a huge amount of vector images. And they also have a great collection of free heart clip art. Simply search your desired clip art by entering into the search bar. You can also browse some other amazing clip art. Such as leaf, rose, crown, snowman, American flag, Merry Christmas and many other different types of clip art.

3. Webweaber

Webweaber is quite popular for vector images for wedding, birthday, graduation, parties, nature and entertainment. And they also have a nice collection of free heart clip art. You will find two pages full of heart clip art including color and black & white. You can also explore their popular images which have a decent collection of star, hearts, cats, fairies, baby and snowmen clip art.

4. Clicker

Clicker is quite popular for vector images but its search result will also include others with your desired clip art. while searching heart clip art we encountered that other clip arts are also coming in results. So here for better results, you might have to review multiple pages. This site can provide you hundreds of heart free clip arts.

5. More Clip Art

More clip art has very limited numbers of free heart clip art but the reason we are including this because they have some of the best with the high-quality image. All images are available in png format and you can download without any registration. click on the image to get the larger copy and then right-click to save the image.



Above list of websites will provide you high quality of free heart clip art. Which you can use for any decoration projects. Heart clip arts can be used for valentine greeting cards, invitation letter for loved ones and many other projects where you want to show love and affection. Most of the clip art either available in JPEG or PNG images which are perfectly compatible with most of our projects.

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