12 Best websites that offer Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults

Printable coloring pages

If you are stressed out from work and have the anxiety problem then coloring pages could help you to get some relax. Believe it or not but coloring pages have therapeutic benefits which help to generate quietness, mindfulness, and wellness exactly same as Meditation. Carl Jung studied coloring Mandalas which has circles and geometric patterns can help you to become calmer and witness lesser stress.

Not only therapeutic benefits but it also enhances your creativity, concentration and helps in developing thought process. Along with this, it can also be a fun to take out some time and give your mind a different task which gets bored with regular activities. The mind tends to get bored and stressed out easily with the monotonous work so it is very important to bring something new in our routine work and coloring pages work in both ways.

In this article, we have compiled the list of free coloring pages which would help you to relax your mind and will make you free from the anxiety.

Following are the Free coloring pages for Adults

1. Just Color

Just color is a great website from where you can download tons of free printable coloring pages for adults. They have great categories like Relaxation, nature, Travels, Arts, History and special events. And then they have sub-categories like in relaxation they have Mandalas, zentangle, doodling, cupcakes, Psychedelic, Russian dolls, and vintage. You will find thousands of pages under a single category.

A perfect place to find all types of free coloring pages. The download process is also very simple. Click on the image and download it for print. Now you can color these pages with colored pencil or watercolors.

2. Art is Fun

Another great website for free printable coloring pages. Which includes Mandalas, Abstract patterns, owl coloring pages, and castle paintings pages. Along with this they also have a huge collection of paid ebooks which are printable from home printer.

For vibrant effects, you can use gel pens, pens, and combined marker. The site is designed to be a good resource for any skill level. Whether you are a beginner, occasional dabbler or seasoned aficionado.

3. Crayola

Crayola is more than just providing free coloring pages. Here you can shop for printing supplies, coloring guide and can join their community. Major categories are listed as Holidays, people, plants & Animals, seasons, sports and vehicles and these headers you will find multiple subcategories. And each subcategory has multiple free coloring pages.

4. Coloring Pages.info

Coloring pages have more than 120 categories listed which are available completely free. There are not much tabs on the website on the home page you will find all the categories listed on your left side. Click on the category then select your page to download. The copy would download under JPEG image which you can easily print.

5. Everythingetsy

They have only 15 free coloring pages for adults. We can also explore this site for handmade gifts, Ikea hacks, and DIY tutorials. You can also check their business page where they share plans and ideas related to Etsy business.

6. Tried & True

In this website, there is no specific category listing.  You can swipe pages and see the list of free coloring pages and these are limited in numbers. They have around 25 to 30 free pages listed on their website. However, their tutorial section has some amazing things to learn about 100+ Christmas projects to love, DIY Snowglobe, Vintage Christmas sign, sewing & wreath projects, fashion and quick crafts and many other projects which would help to be more creative.

7. Edupics

Edupics will provide some good pages to print like a celebrity, Pegasus, saddled horse, butterfly mandala, Moto GP, Dinosaurs, skull and Tokio hotel. To download the pages you need to add an extension to your chrome browser which you will find on the download tab.  This is basically to convert your doc into PDF format.

8. Hattifant

Hattifant deals in toys and handmade decorative items. They good collection of paper & cardboard toys, cards, decor and upcycling. You will also find a complete step by step guide how you can make these items. Apart from all these, you will also find free coloring pages for the adult. The site is really great for those who want to learn about handmade crafts.

9. Coloring pages for Kids

Don’t get confused with the name they also have free coloring pages for adults. However, the major part of the website is dedicated to kids. Easy to download and the file is available in PDF format which is best to get the paper print.

10. Hello Kids

This website is also dedicated for kids but they have a small section for the adult from where you can download free coloring pages. They have nine categories listed for adults which include mandala, Circles & Rosettes, Intricate patterns, Arabesque, Sophisticated adult, flowers & Paisley and adult coloring design. The best part of this website is that you can also color online if you don’t to take the print.

11. Faber Castell

Faber Castell also has good numbers of free coloring pages for adults. They have categorized on basis of your experience like beginner, intermediate, Advanced, and adults. It helps colorist to decide what kind of pages they can choose for coloring.

12. Momsandcrafters

The website is more than just free coloring pages. It is more about craft works, family, kids, teens and food. For moms, it is the best place to learn crafts, parenting, mom talk, and learn how to make easy dishes at home. They have something for all ages from babies to adult.



Free coloring pages are a good way to deal with anxiety and stress and it also refreshes your mind by giving a unique task which usually gets exhausted with regular activities. There are tons of websites available over the internet but for you, we have compiled a great list which will save your time and also provide you best websites to download free printable coloring pages for the adult.


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