9 Best places to get boxes of free samples

boxes of free samples

If you are one of those readers who follows our Freebie section most than this article is going to be more interesting for you. Because today we will discuss the companies who are offering boxes of free samples to their shoppers. We have already discussed many other ways to get free samples online like product testing, Walmart free samples. free stuff online, and Free products from Amazon review sites. These are those websites where you are going to get a specific sample of a brand but now will provide the list of companies who offer boxes of free samples.

These boxes are completely free but you have to do some small tasks in order to get these. Like leaving an honest review on their site, sharing feedback on social media and taking a survey. These are a prerequisite of getting free samples from any branded company. Because this helps them to improve their market as well as the product.

Following are the websites where you can get boxes of free samples.

1. House Party

If you want to organize a party but don’t have a budget you can try to get free from House Party. They offer boxes of free samples for the party. But it’s not guaranteed you need to qualify for that. And the product that they offer to the parties is Food, cleaning supplies, household items, office supplies, Babies stuff and board games. All you need to do is to join their community and need to visit the website. On the top of the page, you will find a tab of “find a house party” click on that and their open applications are available. Select which one you want to go for that and provide all the required answers. If you get selected you will receive an email from them. Please be sure to provide the best answers to their questions. Because lots of people are going to apply and only best of them are going to receive.

All the details would be available to your home page of your account login. Like what are freebies are you going to receive and when. the details of the box items would also be given to you.

2. Sample Source

Get boxes of free samples from Sample source in just 3 easy steps. Signup and select the product that you want to choose and they will deliver to you. Their boxes usually contain 6 to 10 samples which may include cereal, toothpaste, Detergent, Vaginal gel, and tissues. The best part is that the process of requesting sample is very easy and chances of getting a free sample box are quite high as compared to other websites.

3. Daily Goodie Box  

Become a member of Daily Goodie box and get a free sample box. Following items, you may receive in your boxes like a Snack bar, body spray, cookies, peanut butter, cleaner, Shampoo, cheddar cheese, Protein shake, organic coffee brews and many other items. But in Exchange for this, you must have to share the review it could be in writing or a complete recorded video.

4. Smiley 360

We had discussed this in our previous article how you can get a free sample from Smiley 360 but you might not aware that they also offer free boxes of samples. Qualify members receive surveys in their account and if you answer gets matched with their requirements you may receive the box of free samples. Increases your chances to receive more boxes by attempting surveys when ever it is available in your panel.

5. Bzzagent

This is same as Smiley 360 but here you need brag about the samples to your friends on social media. this increase the chances of receiving more samples. Take their survey and you will get the free sample of boxes with your matching profile. It also depends on the availability so there could be chances when you are receiving the samples later. And then you need to share your experience with your friends on social media. So join Bzzagent and get best brands samples completely free.

6. Pinchme

Another great website to receive free boxes of samples. Here you can receive samples related to personal care, food, drink, household products, and pets stuff. Create your profile and choose the products that you want to receive as a sample. If you get the quality you will receive your desired samples but please ensure that answers you provide should be best because that makes you qualify. Once you share your honest review the chances of getting more samples are higher.

7. Influenster

If you spend lots of time on social media sharing new things with you friends and other than Influenster could be a good deal. They are looking for the people who can try their products and share with masses. And chances of getting more samples are also higher if you share their reviews on social media platforms. Their Voxbox freebie is quite popular as these are based on holidays and moms special.

8. Freebox of Sweets

This one is for sweet lovers especially chocolate bars. This website is running since the year 2008 and they deliver boxes full of chocolates and retro sweets. You can choose the brand like Cadbury, Wispa, and Lion Bars. Join and claim your free box of chocolates.

9. Walmart Baby Box

If you are looking babies stuff then try Walmart baby box this contains many kinds of stuff like body lotion, soap, diapers, and cereals. There are not many details available so you need to sign up and give it a try. while creating an account don’t forget to subscribe their newsletter as this good keep an eye on future freebies.


The above sites which we have discussed our very popular for free boxes of samples. And companies are doing this to promote their products with the vision to improve the quality, get better market and expecting that you will buy their products in future. At the same time, we can fully utilize the opportunity to get the free samples for which we are about to spend the money.  These boxes definitely not carry high ticket items but some of them are really worth of trying.

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