Here’s Why You Need to Invest in Solar Energy in 2020

Many people invest in solar energy for its efficiency and for reducing their carbon footprint, but the benefits go much farther than this. Read on to find out.

Successful investors often advise that you should take the long-term view when making investments. They tell you to avoid plunging into high-risk ventures in search of a quick buck.

By the same token, you shouldn’t sign away thousands on a lick and a promise. You need to make investment decisions based on historical performance and forecast growth.

With the leaps and bounds made by renewable energies in the last twenty years, and the stellar performance of solar energy in particular, we’re giving an emphatic heads-up: invest in solar.

Why Invest In Solar?

The Renewables 2019 by the IEA (International Energy Agency) is a market analysis and forecast report covering the period 2019 to 2024. It forecasts a 50% increase in renewable electrical capacity, representing some 1220 GW. Solar PV, or photovoltaic power, is set to make up 60% of that capacity increase.

Other sources of renewable energy include on- and offshore wind, hydropower, and bioenergy. Solar power, however, retains the biggest piece of the pie. It has done so for the last two years. But that’s not all.

Shifting to Sustainability

By 2024, our Planet will have two and a half times its current solar PV capacity – that’s 1.2 TW, if you can imagine that. Governments around the world have policies in place supporting utility-scale and distributed applications of Solar PV. If they can invest in solar, so can you.

C2ES, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions tells us that in the eighteen short years between 2000 and 2018, renewable energy as an energy source doubled. Between them, hydropower, wind power, and other renewables made up over 17 percent of US electricity generation in 2018.

Investing in solar energy is evident from the C2ES projections. In 2017 it made up 11 percent of all US renewable energy generation. They predict that by 2050 that figure will have risen to 48 percent, making it the energy source experiencing the fastest growth.

Q2 2020 Solar Performers

The predicted top-performing solar stocks for the second quarter of 2020 are heating up in terms of value, growth, and momentum. Stock exchanges from New York to Hong Kong, Frankfurt to London and everywhere in between have good investment picks for you in the listings.

Funding for solar energy and investing in solar energy is taking innovative paths, as Loanpal, a financial service and solar energy service company so clearly demonstrates. Sustainable projects for sustainable energy has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, good solar companies with a low P/s ratio include JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd. (Chinese producer of solar materials, including cells and modules), Canadian Solar Inc. (a solar module product developer based in Canada), and SunPower Corp. (USA company specializing in silicon photovoltaic cells and other solar materials).

Top of the pile for stocks showing phenomenal YoY revenue growth (quarterly) at 198.8% is Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, a company that provides debt and equity financing to renewable energy sector projects. Manufacturer of solar power materials Enphase Energy Inc., at 127.6%, is also impressive. Not far behind them is First Solar Inc., at 102.4%, after their recent announcement about expanding their energy distribution to New England.

Bright, Sunshiny Days Ahead

Do your research into the nitty-gritty. Invest in solar energy. The future really does look bright for the solar power sector – and for a long time to come. 

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