How to Tell if You’ve Successfully Onboarded a New Customer

It’s not always easy to tell whether or not you have done a good job making your clients feel comfortable with your business operations and work processes. While it might seem as though they are happy with everything, there might be some areas where you can improve or where they are not telling you they wish were changed. This can eventually result in you losing important customers.

When you want to make sure that you keep your clients stick around, you need to look at your customer onboarding strategy.

Customers ask questions

Don’t take the sign of customers asking questions as a bad thing. In fact, this means that you have opened up dialogue and that you are willing to help them with any problems they might be facing with their business. Make sure to offer them support they need either through information on your website or by assigning them an account manager who can help them when things come up. Don’t think you’ve failed if you’ve noticed that customers are asking questions about any part of your processes.

Your team is positive

If your team is getting frustrated working with your new clients, this might be a sign that you might need to step in and take a look at how you are explaining how your business’s way of doing things. However, if they are overall excited about how things are going and clients seem to be happy, this is a good sign that your onboarding process is working well. Your team can have some valuable insights when it comes to seeing how customers interact with your onboarding goals when you aren’t involved, so it’s worth asking them about their experiences working with clients.

You have reference material

Having material that you can share with your customers can go a long way toward helping them feel secure in choosing you. This might mean putting together a white paper or guide to help them through the onboarding process, or considering looking into having an active blog and FAQ page that you update frequently. That way when you have customers asking questions, you can provide them additional help instead of just telling them the answer to their question. This can help you to build authority and show that you are truly an expert in your field.

Customers respond quickly

Customers who are confused or unsure about continuing to work with you might not immediately get back to you. They might be looking into other options or considering if they want to continue working with your team and using your processes. If clients are happy, they will respond right away and offer up some questions or let you know that you have a done good job fulfilling their needs.

In summary

Onboarding your customers can take time and effort, and you don’t want to be blindsided by unhappy clients when it can avoid it. Knowing these signs, you can make adjustments that work for you and them both.

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