How Travel Agents Can Help Customers Have Their Dream Trips

by Alex Schnee

When working as a travel agent, your goal is to help others have the adventures of their lives. However, making sure that clients get exactly what they want isn’t always the easiest process, and it can take some major planning and thought on your part to get those trips exactly right. Planning the perfect trip isn’t aways easy, but it can greatly increase the likelihood that one of your clients will book again, as well as share your information with others.

Here’s how you can create a great trip for your customers and ensure that they are happy with the results. And if you want to make your trip more fascinating then hire a shuttle bus on rental from

Know the details

Most of planning a trip lies in the details of what clients want. This might include what they like to eat, what accommodations they are expecting for their budget, and which activities they most like to do. You might want to consider sending out a survey to your client base before you even put a trip together in order to get an idea of what kind of trip they are looking to have so you can make it according to their wishes.

Prepare them in advance

You will want to provide your clients with a clear itinerary of what they should expect. One useful tool for this is a CRM for travel agencies, which allows you to share details about their trip and to ask for feedback so you can plan things exactly to their specifications. Also make sure you send flight information, meals if they have allergies, and more. Most customers are going to be happier to know things in advance than be taken by surprise.

Know they are in good hands

For every interaction your clients will have on the ground, you want to make sure that it is positive. This includes the shuttle service that picks them from the airport to their tour guide. Vet each individual and listen to the the feedback from some of your other clients in order to see if customer relations can be improved when they are in their chosen destination. You might also want to consider taking the tour as well in order to see whether or not it needs some improvement. Nothing is worse than feeling uncomfortable with your leaders when you are far away from home.


Make sure to check in after the trip with a survey or over the phone to see if there is anything you can improve about the experience. This might include the booking process, the accommodations, and the tour guide. Be open to criticism and be prepared to hear some negative comments as well as positive—this can help you create better trips for the future!

In summary

Creating an amazing trip for your customers isn’t always easy, but with some preparation and being aware of what is happening when your clients arrive can help you to make better-informed decisions and create amazing experiences for those who choose to book i

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