Is Bitcoin Investing A Good Idea In 2019?

bitcoin investment

2018 started with a bang as Bitcoin nearly shot up to the $1000 mark with no signs of it slowing down. You probably heard about this everywhere online. Well, maybe you heard but didn’t fully take advantage. And, now that you are reviewing your financials as the year is over you are probably finding that you didn’t earn as much as you would have liked. Maybe you shouldn’t have passed up on that opportunity, but what is the Bitcoin market going to look in 2019? Will it still be on the rise or will investing in Bitcoins be a complete waste of time?

 Buying And Holding

 Before you invest in Bitcoin, you need to know that there are a number of different plays that you have. First, most people like to buy and hold Bitcoin. What this means is that the buy the coin and hold on to it with the hopes that the price will continue to rise. Then they will turn around and sell the coin when it peaks. Sure, this is smart investing, but the price could plummet going down. You always know that markets are unpredictable and you should never take anyone’s advice as to when the coin will won’t rise. Make sure you do your market research.

 Trading Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin is a much different investment strategy than buying and holding. When you are trading Bitcoins is means that you are trying to find and purchase Bitcoin at a low price and sell them back for a profit in a short amount of time. If done effectively this can prove quite fruitful. However, doing this effectively will take knowledge and practice. It will also mean finding the right brokers. To learn more about Bitcoin trading and brokers, you can always visit Crypto Signals.

 Limited Supply

 One of the things that are really going to drive the price of Bitcoins up in 2019 is the fact that there is such a limited supply. And, this is not to mention the fact that everyone wants in on lucrative cryptocurrency. It won’t be long before the market realizes just how limited the supply of Bitcoins are and it will drive the price higher than ever.

 Lightning Fast Trading

Thanks to certain blockchain technologies trading Bitcoin is no faster and easier than ever. This is extremely handy for vendors and retailers. For instance, if a retailer wants to buy a product in a different country using Bitcoin he or she can visit a broker that will act as a facilitator between the buyer and the seller. The buyer will deposit money with the broker, the broker will then buy Bitcoin with that money, send it to the vendor, and the transaction will be complete just like that within minutes. This extremely secure and lightning fast way of buying and selling internationally will explode and raise the value of Bitcoin even further.

 Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is another option that you have available to you. This option will take some time, but it could be extremely lucrative. You can earn Bitcoin by playing video games or by publishing blog posts that pay their users in crypto. You will literally be getting free Bitcoin.

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