Know about the story of the millionaires who distributes free bitcoins

In today’s article, we will see the story of a group of people who have managed to become millionaires, or even billionaires, thanks to Bitcoin. It may seem like a simple task, but the reality is that it requires intelligent decision making and a lot of patience in times where the price does not accompany.

If you are investing in Bitcoin, perhaps these stories will inspire you, and if you do not, too. It is always good to find examples of things that other people have done before and that we are pursuing. Of course, the road will not be easy, but at least it tells us that it exists.

This is a small list, but if the price of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continues to rise in the coming years, they will surely come up more. If you invest at the right time, a very difficult but possible task, in a few years you may obtain very large profits.

Of course, I recommend not making our investments public for the simple fact that it can attract the attention of the wrong people. In a world where there are people who seek to obtain from others, it is best to protect our investment and also to us.

Anyway, some people decided to share their success story with cryptocurrencies, perhaps also by way of self advertising. This now allows me to make this article and you read that in this cryptocurrency there are people who can obtain great fortunes with some luck and faith in the possibility of technology.

These investors have obtained the nickname of crypto millionaires because their fortunes have been obtained in a new market and with great potential such as that of cryptocurrencies. Let’s see how much money they have managed to earn.

Below are some millionaires who distributes free bitcoins:

# 1 Winklevoss twins

The fortune of these twins must be divided in two, but even so, the heritage they have reached is betting on the growth of the main cryptocurrency. With a fortune estimated to be around $ 900 million to $ 1.1 billion. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have managed to make a name for them in the industry.

# 2 Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem began his career as a Bitcoin investor in late 2011 when he was still a university student. A short time later the service he used to do it closed and Shrem lost all his bitcoins.

Despite this he managed to increase his wealth to $ 45 million by investing in Bitcoin, which he later sold to buy real estate. This is because he believes that as it is an experiment someday it could be worth zero.

# 3 Barry Silbert

Barry Sylbert is the CEO and co-founder of Digital Currency Group (DCG), a well-known company that operates in the cryptocurrency industry. The objective of this company is to help accelerate the revolution of digital currencies and thus improve the global financial system.

Some of the companies that are owned by Barry Sylbert are Genesis, a digital currency trading firm, and Grayscale, another company with a focus on crypto-based investments. Also, it has an ETF called Bitcoin Investment Trust that can track the price of Bitcoin.

# 4 Roger See

This name will be well known to all those who spend their days reading about cryptocurrencies and mainly Bitcoin, and it are also well known for its nickname «Bitcoin Jesus».

His most famous point within the community was his involvement in the debate over the problem of Bitcoin escalation and the subsequent launch of Bitcoin Cash. After this, he continued to be a very visible personality on the most controversial issues.

# 5 Erik Finman

This is not one of the richest in bitcoin, but it is one of the best known for its young age, since at the time of writing this is only 19 years old. Finman began investing in bitcoins in 2011 after receiving a gift of $ 1,000 from his grandmother, when he was barely 12 years old. Finman believed, and he was not mistaken, that investing in Bitcoin was one of the best ways for young people to achieve enormous wealth.

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