Earn Money through Bitcoin

Today’s we have plenty of option available to make money online but that need lots of efforts and time. There are few ways through which we can generate passive income. However, We know passive sources need investment but if the returns are good then it might not be a big deal for us. Today we will discuss few earning platforms where we can make money very fast. First of all, we need to know what is Bitcoin. Those who have heard this word first time please visit our links and you will find the details of what is bitcoin ? and how to buy bitcoins ?.

It is one of the most expensive and decentralizes digital currency in the world. Sources which we are going to discuss can double our money in a couple of months.

Money Earning Platforms

These platforms run on Bitcoin. So all investment would be in bitcoins only. We will go step by step and will share entire details how we can double our money? The first system where we invested money in a couple of months ago is mypayingcryptoads. And they are providing really good returns and still continue. This company allows us to buy advertising pack which we buy in bitcoins and then they provide 2% daily returns up to 60 days on our investment. Now the question is how they are going to double our money? So there is a strategy through which We not even double but take out three times of our total investment.


Investment Process and Strategy


Here is the Signup link first we need to get our self-register.



This is the screen shot of my account I had invested 1.5 Bitcoin in this system and so far my total earnings reached at 2.3 bitcoins.

Once we create the account and login in the system it will take us to the home page which will have many advertisement options like banner, text and login ads. But we will start first with the Ad packs. So first click on purchase ad-packs


Once we clicked on purchase Ad-packs we will find an icon like notepad as visible in the screen shot. After clicking on this icon we need to fill the banner details. Now set up a advertising banner or you can use company banner. If you don’t have any banner to advertise


Money through bitcoin

Now set up a advertising banner or you can use company banner. If you don’t have any banner to advertise

Now last step is to buy the ad-packs. Here is the screen shot. For the first time we need to by through our bitcoin wallets. Follow our above link how to buy bitcoins. That will provide you the entire details of bitcoin wallets. After first investment you can also buy through your earnings.

Earning money through bitcoin




Here we follow a simple strategy to grow our money. for the first 60 days instead of withdrawing keep reinvesting through purchasing ad-packs. what ever we are reinvesting we will get 2% on that. E.g if we have purchased the ad-packs of 1 Bitcoin my daily earning is .02 Bitcoin but if I reinvest than my next day earning would be .204 which is on 1.02. within 60 days you will find your Bitcoin money is almost twice of what we have invested not only investment but daily earning as well.

It may sound unbelievable but it’s true we can withdraw more than twice of our invested amount. However, the company has already mentioned that they are not the investors. But this system works as an investment.

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Referrals and commission

Here we can make extra money through referrals and repurchase. The sponsor gets 6% on first purchased and 6% on ever repurchasing on ad-packs. So if we have a good number of referrals we can get pretty good returns on our money.

There are two more companies which are working on USD instead of Bitcoins. Following are the links. Register and refer to others in order to increase the revenue.







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