Matched Deposit Bonus in Online Slots Explained

Slots have been shown by statistics to dominate the online gambling industry with no contenders coming close. Online slots make up around 70% of the total profits generated through online gambling in the UK – play Mega Moolah Slots.

With great demand come great offers. There is a vast selection of casino bonus offers available to be used on online slots. There are normally several different kinds of casino bonuses that you can take advantage of. One of them is a matched deposit bonus, also commonly called the 100% deposit match. All about this type of offer is explained in this article.

What is it?

A matched deposit casino bonus is a type of promotion that requires the player to deposit funds into their account. Once that is done, the casino will match the sum of your deposit in free funds for your account. For example:

  • A player deposits £100 using a matched deposit bonus offer. Once the deposit is completed, the casino provides the player with £100 of bonus funds.
  • A matched deposit casino bonus essentially doubles your deposited funds.

A matched deposit bonus often comes with a deposit limit, meaning that the maximum amount that you can receive as bonus funds is limited. The limitations are often in the range of £100 – £500. For example, if the offer states that you can receive a 100% matched bonus up to £200, then any deposit greater than £200 will only yield a maximum of £200 bonus funds.

Who can benefit from this type of offer?

Matched deposit casino bonus is very generous and is often made available for new players only. There are, however, casinos that have this type of offer for returning players too. It is best utilised if one of the following applies to you:

  • High-rollers commonly take advantage of matched deposit bonus offers.
  • New players are encouraged to use this type of bonus offer to double their funds and have a longer first playing session.
  • Sometimes, returning customers can enjoy a matched deposit bonus offer too.

What are the terms and conditions on matched deposit bonus offers?

Casino bonus offers always come with terms and conditions to which the player must agree to complete the offer. The common terms that you might see attached to matched deposit offers include:

  • Wagering requirements – a set amount of money that the player must play through in order to withdraw/cash-in funds. Commonly found wagering requirements with a matched deposit bonus are between x30 and x70. For example, if a player deposits £100 with a 100% matched deposit offer and x50 wagering requirements, the player has to play through £100 (deposit) + £100 (bonus) times 50, which equals £10000.
  • Claim-by-time means that the bonus is offered on a limited time scale.
  • Winnings cap is a limitation on the maximum win that you can achieve on any 1 spin. Commonly found winnings caps range between £250 – £600.


Matched deposit bonus offers are some of the most generous casino bonuses available. A player can enjoy anywhere between £10 – £500 worth of extra funds. This can have a significant effect on your playing session and increase your chances of winning dramatically.

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