Make your buying and selling more effective with My eBay

My ebayIf you are buying or selling products on eBay you must have used their feature of My eBay. But do you know the proper use of this feature can make your buying and sell more effective? It is a panel where you can track your buying and selling activity, send and receive emails and can also update your account information.

It provides you purchased history of last 3 years, saved seller list, wishlist, and any other custom list which you have created. You can track your current selling and all the items which you had previously listed.

Some of the important key features of Myebay

  1. On this page, you can update your personal information like user id, password, payment method, email address, mailing address, and telephone pin.
  2. You can also update your communication preferences to receive notification related to our buying and selling activities.
  3. Does it provide seller dashboard where you can observe your performance how well are you doing on eBay?
  4. You can buy tool subscriptions for buying and selling on eBay.
  5. It also provides billing information, selling fees, along with payment links and you can also view any statements application on eBay that you have subscribed.
  6. You can also track your feedbacks that you received or you want to leave any feedback for others.
  7. Here you can also update your site preferences whether you want to make it selling or general.
  8. It also facilitates you to make a donation and request tax receipts.

Increase sales by updating email signature

This is one of the most effective ways you can promote your business on eBay. Update your contact information in your email signature with your store link. It allows your buyer to access and contact directly and this is ultimate source to promote the business.

Got to my eBay and select the message from the main category. Then click on changed settings there you will find the option of the email signature. Select the checkbox “show” and a pop will appear to update the email signature.

Manage your selling activities through third-party applications.

To make your sales more effective eBay provide some third party applications which you can use to gauge your sales volume and it’s activity. Like Turbo Lister 2, Terapeak, just ship it and much more.

Go to My eBay then the application and click on apps center. You will find all the apps which eBay is providing to manage your business. 

Activate out of office reply when you are on holidays or unable to reply your customers.

This is also one of the power features on my eBay which intimate your customers immediately when they send you an email. In any business, an unreplied email is considered a negative impact on your customers and clients.

So whenever you think you are unable to reply your customers simply activate this feature and create an autoresponder for them. This is a more professional way of informing your customer on priority.

Customize your My eBay summary according to your need.

Customizing your my eBay summary can provide you a better overview of your business. Some of the information can be more important than others and sometimes some of the information does not have any significance. So in my e-bay summary, you can customize your view according to your need.  Here are the details what all you can customize in my ebay summary.

  1. We can change the order of view by simply clicking up and down arrow which is located at the upper right corner of the view page.
  2. You can also add and remove a column of information in a view page.
  3. If you want to remove view page simply click on the cross button which is located at the upper right corner of the view.
  4. Add specific notes to your every item. This will help you to remind your specific transaction.
  5. Change the number of items in the view. On my summary page you can display maximum 25 items but on other pages, you can display up to 200.
  6. Here you can also customize your item view in such way so that you can see each item title in its own row.
  7. You can sort items based on price, listing, bid, end date, and a number of bidders.
  8. Item filtering is also allowed which narrow down your display list. Like, show all, winning and not winning.
  9. Remove items from view is also allowed. If anything which you don’t like you can remove that anytime.


My eBay summary not only allow us to track our buying and selling activity. But also help in customizing the view which shows the true and effective picture of our account. For a seller Perspective, it is very important to see where he is standing in the business and for that he needs a customized view of his sales and activities. And my eBay summary perfectly stand out in delivering this.



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