Practical Tips for Avoiding Plumbing Problems

Few things are more frustrating than being hit with large-scale plumbing issues. In addition to being tremendously inconvenient for everyone living in your home, certain plumbing problems can be rather pricey to fix. Fortunately, nipping potentially costly plumbing mishaps in the bud is much easier than you may think. A little bit of persistence and forward thinking can go a long way in the fight against faulty sinks, showers, toilets and pipes. Anyone looking to make plumbing emergencies a thing of the past can benefit from the following pointers.

Be Mindful of What You Flush

Being mindful of what you flush down your toilet is an absolute must in the fight against plumbing mishaps. As a general rule of thumb, items that are unrelated to using the bathroom should never be flushed. Even if you own a high-flow toilet, flushing non-bathroom items is liable to cause problems, particularly if it’s done consistently. It’s important to note, however, that these items aren’t the only things you should be mindful about flushing. For example, while it’s generally considered safe to flush wet wipes, no more than two of them should be flushed at a time. As an added precaution, confirm that the wet wipes you’re using are indeed flushable before dropping them into the toilet. Furthermore, if anyone in your home has a propensity for using large amounts of toilet paper, it’s better for them to flush multiple times throughout the course of using the bathroom instead of once at the end.  

Use Noncorrosive Cleaners

Many over-the-counter cleaners and de-cloggers have a corrosive effect on piping, particularly when used with regularity. As any seasoned plumber can confirm, corroded pipes can lead to a host of issues, many of which are very expensive to repair. With this in mind, opt for noncorrosive products the next time you find yourself in the market for sink, toilet or shower cleaners. While some of these products cost a little more than their corrosive counterparts, keeping your pipes in prime condition will ultimately save you a small fortune.  

Go Easy on Your Garbage Disposal

Many of us treat our garbage disposals as the end-all solution to food waste. However, a disposal’s ability to break down certain foods is far more limited than most people realize. For starters, you should avoid placing hard-textured foods down the disposal. Not only do these foods threaten to clog your drain, they can significantly reduce the lifespan of the disposal blades. Secondly, abstain from placing large items down the disposal, even if the texture seems agreeable, as this can lead to clogging. In cases like these, it’s best to cut the item into smaller pieces before feeding it to the disposal.

Improperly used garbage disposals are among the most common problems faced by professional plumbers. Should you encounter such an issue, it’s in your best interest to reach out to a dependable plumber posthaste. The longer a disposal mishap is allowed to linger, the worse it’s likely to be become – and the pricier it will ultimately be to fix. Fortunately for Mile High City residents, it’s easy to find reliable faucet repair services in Denver.

Invest in Drain Stoppers

Clogged drains are a common occurrence in countless households, and more often than not, stray hair is the culprit. That being the case, anyone looking to bid a long overdue farewell to clogged drains should invest in drain stoppers. As the name suggests, these attachments are installed over sink and shower drains, where they prevent stray hair from finding its way into the pipes. As an added bonus, drain stoppers are affordable on even the most stringent budget and are incredibly easy to install. 

Plumbing issues can range from mildly inconvenient to downright infuriating. Most of us don’t realize how much use we get out of our plumbing fixtures until our ability to use them has been impaired. Luckily, avoiding plumbing mishaps isn’t nearly as daunting as many households make it seem. Exercising basic caution when using your home’s showers, sinks and toilets stands to save you a small fortune in plumbing costs. While being proactive about plumbing problems may seem mildly inconvenient, your efforts will pay off in a big way. In the fight against plumbing mishaps, the pointers discussed above can ensure that you come out on top.  

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