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Do you also follow frugal living lifestyle? If yes then I can be your companion for your frugal journey. I will try to make your life easy as much as I can by bringing free products and ideas to save money. In this article, we will let you know how you can get free quality items by becoming a product tester. Lots of companies offer free products to test. And this includes cosmetics, food, sanitary, software, games, and sports items. We had already discussed some frugal living lifestyles in our previous articles like how you can get free stuff online, Walmart free samples and how to save money from Walmart moneycard.


What is Product Testing?

You all must have got items as freebies through various websites. And most of us hardly try figure out the reason why companies are offering free products to us. The idea behind the freebies to test their product, market and how to target the customer. There are lots of big companies that offer product for testing. Let’s take an example of cosmetic product introduced by ABC company. Now the company wants to see the response of their customer related to that new product before they initiate a mass production. Because if they do without testing they might have to suffer a big loss. There could be many reasons for the product failure. E.g the skin lotion is not suitable for certain skin type. Or maybe allergic to a certain disease. So keeping all this in mind company do a testing before it’s actually moving their concept towards production.


Following are the companies which offer free items for product testing.


1. Instyle Trendsetters

Be a part of InStyle trendsetters community and get a chance to review products for free. This company offers only women products for testing. Whenever you complete a product survey or testing you automatically get enrolled for amazing sweeptakes which can get you from $72 to $25000.

2. Vocalpoint

Here you need to create the account on vocalpoint with complete profile. Once your profile matches with any product for testing they will notify you. The product includes hair appliances, food, and discount coupons.

3. Shespeaks

It is a women community where you can share your opinion how do you live your life and what products you choose and why. Members also get the chance to attempt surveys and review products. Here you not only get free product for testing but also connect with other women’s.

4. McComick

Be a part of McComick and get free products like spices and seasoning for testing. You need to create a consumer testing profile with them. If they accept your request you will receive a confirmation email.

5. Simley360

Join Simley and be a part of product tester. They have more than 90k active members who receive free products for testing. Here you need to attempt surveys to qualify for testing. After trying the product you need to share the feedback on social media.

6. L’oreal Consumer Testing

L’oreal offers testing products both for men and women’s. And these include hair care, hair styling, cosmetics, skin care and sun care. They offer both onsite and offsite testing,f you are unable to visit their site they can mail you the product at home.

7. Snuggle Bear Den

Account registration is mandatory you have to attempt surveys in order to qualify for testing. Once you qualify they will notify you through the email.

8. Reebok Consumer Testing

To be part of Reebok consumer testing you need to compatible with their requirements like Footwear size, Apparel top, and bottom size. Apart from this they also looking additional qualities like you should be fitness enthusiast. can meet minimum weekly activity requirements.

9. Sephora

You can add up to 3 samples for testing and most of their products belong to makeup and cosmetics. Like glow highlighting skin fluid and liquid foundation cream.

10. Home School

Here you will get school supplies for testing. Just enroll yourself and start receiving the free testing product.

11. Friends & Neighbors

Register for their consumer testing and if you are eligible you will receive an email. to clear their eligibility test you need to attempt their survey. their studies may include smelling fragrances, evaluating a new lash-lengthening mascara and testing types of dental floss.

12.Pink panel

Join the testing panel and attempt their survey after some time you will start receiving the email for product testing. They mostly offer cosmetic products. Apart from the product they also provide reward prizes.

13. Influenster

They send you a box of full of samples which are known as Voxbox. and you receive this after qualifying their test.Box may contain items like the moisturizer, shampoo, and conditioner.

14. Mom Select

This is a community which is based on Moms only. Here advertisers offer products related to moms which you can get as a free for testing.


This one is quite interesting as products and brands sponsored parties for you. And all you need to do is to share the feedback Including your guest.

16. Be a part of Mills Advisory Panel

MAP is a group of consumers which shares their opinion about food with general mills. Here you will get the chance to explore food to taste and complete experience of general mills products.

17. Roku Betatester

Here you need to test their software and need to report the bugs and regular feedback via email.

18. Pinchme

This website is full of product testing items. here you will find personal care, Home & Family, Food & Drinks, and pets. First, you need to create a pinch-me account and then you can choose the product you want to test.

19. Minute

Participate in their Recipe club and get free food items for testing. And they also provide discounted coupons and special offers to their members.

20. BzzAgent

They have branded product for testing like L’oreal, Olay, and Swiffer. Create your account enjoy free product testing items.

21. Brooks

Brooks is very famous for its running shoes and clothes. Please share your profile including your work out details. they will notify if you qualify.

22. Marie Claire

Join Marie Claire’s velvet rope club and get free products like lipstick, handbag, and mascara for testing.

23. Glam Spotters

Share your opinion on fashion, entertainment, relationship, and career. And receive new product for testing. As a member, you will also be eligible for events and offers.

24. Parenting

Completely dedicated to parents and they offer you stuff like babies health products, health & beauty products for mom, books, DVDs and video games. Account registration is mandatory for testing a product.

25. Mead4Teacher

If you are a teacher then this website will be perfect for you. Here you will get the school supplies which you need while teaching.

26. Vogue Insider

If you qualify their surveys you will receive free beauty products for testing.

27. Nike Consumer Testing

If you want sports shoes and T-shirts in pr the duct testing then Nike can fulfill your dream. But to qualify their parameters is quite tough than others. First of all your physique should be matched with their sample size. And you should have a daily regimen of workout.

28. Brillo Connection

Join Brillo connection and get the free cleaning supplies for testing.

29. Naturally Savvy

This website offers organic product for testing. Here you need to test the products and then answers the questions.

30. Microsoft Playtest

Here you need to test unreleased video games. No specific skill required even if you are new you can apply.

31. Product Testing

PD is available in USA, Canada and UK. Here you will some expensive products for testing like apple watches, PS4 and Xbox Consoles.

32. American Consumer Opinion

This one is quite different than others here instead of the product you get money for your opinion. you can earn $50 to $200 for testing a product.

33. Brand Institute

Be a part of their panel and receive free consumer products for testing

34 Centercode

It is customer validation company that provide platforms and service solutions that enable companies to launch their products successfully in the market. They provide Alpha, beta and field test.

35. CrowdTap

Here you will get free products for testing but you need to share the reviews on Amazon websites. The products are also offered by Amazon.

36. Milliarbrands

Milliarbrand runs review programs and you can get cleaning & bed supplies, pool items, and yoga fitness equipment.

37. Honstek

This is also a review program and they offer headphones and speakers for testing.

38. Mengo

Mengo is an electronic brand which provides mobile accessories and Bluetooth speakers for testing.

39 Gmyle Lab

Under Gmyle lab review program, you will get some luxury products for reviews like Macbook, Tablet, and smartphone accessories

40. Artic Product Tester

This company deals in computer and mobile cooling system.

41. Jum Send

Jum send review programs has various products you need to choose which one you want to go. Available only in the USA.

42. Gear Beast Product Tester

The company provides only homemade products for testing. And this includes belts, packs, mobile mounts, waterproof phone case, and accessories.

43. Deal Haustle

Here you will not only get free samples but highly discounted items. just join start participating in product testing. But the frequency of free samples is quite low on this website.

44. Vivrate

You will get varieties of items for free samples including beauty, toys exercises supplies.



There are lots of legit online websites and companies which offer free products for testing. These are done in order to gauge the targeted audience and to make a better product for their customers. Being a part of frugal living you can take the benefits of these opportunities and receive products in exchange of your opinions. Product testing market is huge here you can get from anything from food to electronics for testing and all are free of cost. So check our entire list and figure out which is best for you.









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