Shooting an image video for business all over Ukraine from ABD-Video

… – Here, listen. Yes, we have turnovers, clients. Yes, people want to work with us. But we are missing something … I look at the company from the outside and feel an inner feeling of incompleteness …

– You don’t have to continue. You need an ummm … image.

– Image … What is it? ..

* * *

Hello. In this article, you will meet such a “beast” as “image”. You will find out what an image video is and where to get it. We will look at how it is all used and what it is for. How can this be applied to any activity. Let’s start.

What is “Image”? The word “image” came to us from the English language. “Image” – translated as “image”, “image”, “picture”, “reflection”. The image is a representation of society, about how a person or organization should look like, having this or that status.

For example, a certain company is engaged in private plumbing services. Workers wear the same uniform, must be neat, polite, and professionally perform their duties. They are the face of the firm. Reflection. They are in contact with living people. Looking at them, a certain image is formed in the client’s mind, an image of the company as a whole. Plumbing was done with high quality, soundly, quickly and I am ready to pay for it. The price corresponds to the service provided. A picture lingered in my head: “These guys are great guys. They are real professionals, and they are also polite. ” I am delighted, emotions are overflowing. I told my neighbor. Everything. Here is the image. Sometimes it occurs naturally, and sometimes it is intentionally created. Some people create a false image of their services or company, thereby creating new problems for themselves. The product does not correspond to reality. The wrong way. It is a matter of time when society will notice the inconsistencies.

The image adds recognition in the market. Creates distinctive features. Everyone knows very well that for the New Year holidays, Santa Claus will bring some Coca-Cola on his sleigh so that we can celebrate as people. Coca-Cola is not only delicious soda, but now it also “supports” our feasts. On the one hand, only a part of the company’s image, and on the other hand, the New Year is only once a year. The event is important. The association sits firmly in the head and performs its function. All this was created with the help of a competent image video. So, smoothly, with the help of this example, we move on to the second part of the article.

Video production ABD-video is a team of leading specialists in the field of video production in Ukraine, who will help you create any image for every taste. How would this happen? We get to know you and your team, company or industry you do. Let’s find out its features, the specifics of work. We collect data to implement the desired image. When all this is done, we start shooting the image video. We will reflect what should be said to the public in actions, colors, locations and dialogues. Even the weather on this day will highlight your strengths and create the right mood, with the help of our specialists, armed with camera lenses.

An image video is a business card that will help customers get to know you and about you.

* * *

… – What do you think? How do you feel now ?!

– What is it?! How?! I do not understand…

– Image, friend … This is the image …

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