What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is California based online reward program that gives you free gifts and cash for the task that you do every day. These tasks include watching videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals. Against these activities, you get some reward points. which can be redeemed at Amazon and Walmart shopping you can also get cash back from PayPal. Swagbucks has already paid out  197,956,233 in cash and free gifts.

The points which we earn is also known as SB, 100 SB is equal to $1. So simple 15 minutes survey can get you around 60 to 80 SB. People are making 1000 to 3000 SB daily with doing a small task.


Legit or Scam?

There are many rewards sites over the internet but most of them are either scams or don’t pay what they claim. Swagbucks is a legit website which pays real cash back or gifts cards to their users. They paid almost 1.9 Milliions till date, which is a proof that they are in real business. I have personally used Swagbucks for shopping and earned lots of SB which eventually converted into the discount.  So this 100% legit website which helps people to save and earn money.


How to Create Account?

Simply visit Swagbucks and click on join today or signup with Facebook account. After signing up there would be some small activities which will get you some quick SB points. E.g verifying email, adding Swagbucks button and add to an extension. A step by step process that will get you some easy SB points.  After signup, you can start earning points by completing your daily task. We will let you know all the sources through which you can make money with Swagbucks.


How to make money with Swagbucks?

1. Surveys

Here you need to complete some surveys which will get you SB p0ints. Usually, surveys take around 15 to 20 minutes where they give you almost 60 to 300 SB. Its all depends on what kind of surveys are you eligible for. You need to qualify the surveys before you attempt them. Through this process, you get best surveys in which you are completely fit for and can make money easily. Else you might end up getting nothing from surveys.

You can’t make huge money with surveys but they definitely worth if you get $3 for attempting a single survey. And maximum it will take is around 20 minutes. Don’t calculate earnings on basis of given statistic because surveys are very limited and you never know how many surveys you will receive per day.

2. Shopping

Shopping can get you the huge amount of SB points as compared to any other task. So if you are planning to buy something online you can route your buying through Swagbucks. There is no change in the price of the product. You can buy at the same price and get some discount as SB points. E.g I bought a domain from Godaddy in $4.99 in exchange of this I got 640 SB.

3. Referral Program

If you refer anyone to Swagbucks through your referral link, you would earn 500 SB points as a referral. And 10% commission on their SB points through the life time. This is one of the most powerful sources of earning with Swagbucks. Let’s understand this with an example. E.g you have referred 10 people and they all are earning 500 SB every day. So here you will earn 50 SB  (10% commission) with each referral and 500 SB as a total. which means you are making almost $5 every day without doing nothing. And you also earned 2500 SB as a one-time referral for 10 referral. Which comes around $25,  More you refer higher you will earn.  We made lots of money using this method.

4. Watching Videos

Swagbucks also pays you to watch videos. Earning points in this category are quite tough though it helps you to build around 100 to 200 SB in a day. You will get only limited videos in a day so don’t expect too much earning in this category.

5. Polls

You can also build your SB by attempting polls which you will receive on daily basis. Here you need to answer few questions and in exchange, you will get SB.

6. Use Swagbucks as Search Engine

If you are using Swagbucks as a search engine you will earn approximately 50 to 70 SB in the day. If you are using only for the purpose of building SB then it is fine else this is certainly won’t be a good idea to use in place of Google. I personally used search Swagbucks and I found it is good for the purpose of searching information over the web.

7. Discounted Coupons

Swagbucks offers discounted coupons so that you can save money while buying stuff from the store. Every coupon will get you 10SB as reward points and some cash back over your bill. So this a dual benefit for the customer. This is just a cool way of making money as we all have a long list of household items to buy every month. And how amazing it would be to reduce our bill through these coupons and simultaneously making money as SB points.

8. Swagbucks Codes

These are codes which give quick SB earning. All you need to do is just enter the code at specified place given by Swagbucks. Whenever there is the new code you will be notified for that.

How Swagbucks Makes money?

You all must be thinking why someone is giving you gifts card and cash for doing some small task. So the secret is that Swagbucks shares a part of their revenue which they make from the third party. Any survey that you attempt or video that you watch are linked with an affiliate program. Swagbucks has signed up affiliate programs with many companies who provide surveys, videos, and apps to download. What ever we are doing is helping them to make money and part of that earning we receive from them. These all are part of marketing research where they study market behavior and then change their product and technology to increase their revenue.


How to convert SB point into Paypal Cash?

As we all know Swagbucks pays in gifts cards majorly with Amazon and Walmart. But if you want to convert into actual cash then we would recommend going with Paypal gifts card. Because with PayPal you can spend this amount anywhere.

Following are the steps to convert Swagbucks into into Paypal cash

  1. First Select reward store in home page
  2. Next is to click on All Gift Cards.
  3. Select the Paypal Card you want to choose. It could be $5, $25 and $50
  4. Now next step is to click on snag this.
  5. A pop up will appear to confirm your email address of Swagbucks and PayPal should be same.
  6. Next page is on your order confirmation but please ensure to have the correct address.
  7. They will send you to email to verify this order.
  8. Once the order has been verified. You will be notified that money will arrive in your PayPal account

This whole process does not take more than 5 minutes.


Swagbucks a reward site which is completely legit and you can make money here by completing many small tasks. This is also good for getting a discount on our shopping and also best to make money online in free time. But this is certainly not an option to become rich or to make the source of full time earning. However, some people are making full time earning from Swagbucks but we certainly don’t recommend this. If you are able to make a full time earning it is good and we really appreciate that. We heard a person had 50 referrals in Swagbucks and making a full-time income. So it is up to you how you want to use Swagbucks.


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