The 5 Best Silver Coins to Buy in 2021

Do you want to diversify your portfolio? If so, you may consider investing in silver coins.

While silver makes a great investment, it can be a bit confusing at first, too. After all, figuring out the best silver coins to buy can be tricky.

To help simplify the process, consider one of the options found here.

Before You Buy

A quick note before you invest, you need to ensure the coins that you are interested in buying qualify for the precious metals IRA if you are interested in this.

If you don’t check for this, some of the silver coins, like the Korean tiger coin, will only be legal tender where it was minted. Anywhere else, they are just collector’s items to be sold.

1. Silver American Eagle

This is considered one of the most popular U.S. coins to invest in. In fact, it is the official silver bullion coin of the U.S. Mint. This means that you can include the investment you make in your gold IRA.

This coin is one ounce in weight. It is made of .999 pure silver and is known for the beautiful design. The coin’s monetary value is USD 1; however, the pure silver composition makes it worth more.

2. Silver Somalian Elephants

This coin, though not as well-known as some of the offers, offers a high ROI. Some of the issues of this coin that were graded MS-70 by a third-party service have provided the buyers an ROI of more than 300%.

This is exciting for many investors. If you feel the same, then this coin may make a smart investment. It is made from .9999 silver and has the growth potential of virtually any other silver coin you can find.

3. Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

The Silver Canadian Maple Leafe is made of pure silver bullion. It weighs just one troy ounce and is similar to the Silver American Eagle.

The monetary value of this coin is five Canadian dollars. Something that makes this coin unique, compared to others, is the additional security features that have been engraved into it. This makes the coin more secure than the American Eagle.

4. 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

This coin was minted as a commemoration of President John F. Kennedy. This coin is 90% silver, which differs from other “silver” currency, such as quarters, dimes, and nickels, which are usually a cupro-nickel alloy.

Over 400 million of these coins were produced, but they were eventually taken out of regular circulation.

5. 90% Junk Silver Dimes

Between 1837 and 1964, U.S. ten-cent pieces were made from 90% silver. The other 10% was copper. Sometimes these are called “junk” silver dimes, but you can purchase them by the bagful as an investment.

Now You Know the Best Silver Coins to Buy

If you are considering investing in silver, consider the best silver coins to buy on this list. All of them make a smart use of your money.

If you found the information here helpful and are looking for other tips and resources, be sure to check out some of our other blogs.

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