The Best in-demand Jobs for Aspiring Engineers

Engineering is one of the biggest professional disciplines in the world. There are different kinds of engineering career options in various industries. Additionally, engineering jobs are one of the highest-paid professions in the world. You can find an engineering job based on your passion and hobbies in life.

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Here are some of the Engineering careers that you can consider for your future professional endeavors.

Best in-demand jobs for aspiring engineers

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum is undeniably one of the most essential commodities in the world. It affects almost every industry, especially transportation. More and more companies are trying to find oil and energy resources to support their operations and to grow their companies. Exploration of new oil and energy resources need petroleum engineers.

Petroleum engineers are involved in working with the design and implementation of drilling equipment. They are also responsible for monitoring the drilling and extraction operations in the plant. It is reported that the demand for petroleum engineers will increase in the coming decade because a lot of engineers are near their retirement age.

Software Engineer

If there’s one engineering discipline that experienced significant growth in the past few years that would be software engineering. This growth is more prevalent in the branch of Data Science, which is being used by a lot of industries such as finance, medicine, and e-commerce. This is due to the increased capacity of hardware and storage, which was made possible by improvements in the last decade.

Data Science is a branch of software engineering which is focused on handling big data. It is often paired with Machine Learning, which is used for predictions and forecasts. If you like to become a software engineer focusing on data science, you can start your career by learning courses online.

Automation and Robotics Engineer

According to experts, automation will erase a lot of manual jobs in the future. There are jobs where automation is already being used. Although automation will likely take manual jobs in the future, it would also bring new jobs in the market, among this is Robotics Engineering.

Robotics Engineers are tasked to develop more complex robotics designs which will improve the current capacity of automation. If you’re planning to make a career change to become a Robotics Engineer, you need to have a background in mechanical, electronics, or mechatronics engineering.

Alternative Energy Engineer

Environmental movements and organizations are trying to find a source of alternative energy that doesn’t produce a vast amount of pollution. This “green energy” needs to be “harvested” by specific tech. Alternative Energy Engineer is responsible for creating the design and supervising the implementation of the tech used in harvesting the energy from alternative sources.

The Alternative Energy Engineer industry is relatively new. It only saw an increase in interest in the past few decades because of people’s increased awareness of environmental issues. Working in this field needs at least a degree in mechanical or electrical engineering.

Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineering is one of the most enduring branches of engineering. It is one of the pioneers of the engineering field and includes power, instrumentation, and electronic branches. A lot of industries need electrical engineers, especially companies that produce consumer electronics which is aimed for home use.

Computer Engineer

The technological advancement is still going strong right now. A lot of tech startups are trying their luck, which means that there are a lot of job opportunities for computer engineer. Computer engineers are responsible for researching, developing, and testing computer components, including memory, circuit boards, and routers. They are also the reasons why some of the technological advancements such as cheaper storage systems are now possible.


Engineering is one of the most rewarding and most enjoyable professions. It’s about creating something which can help modern civilization thrive and get a better quality of life. If you are considering a career in engineering, consider the careers in this article and have fun pursuing your dreams.

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