The Hottest Affiliate Marketing Niches of 2020

Finding a niche that makes money fast is much easier said than done. Discover the best affiliate marketing niches of 2020 here.

Affiliate marketing is one of the top online methods for adding an extra income source in your life. Many people have difficulty navigating it because they don’t always take the time to truly understand research niches.

The niche you get in could greatly affect your success due to a number of factors. If you’re looking to find some of the most profitable ones then keep reading. Check out the best affiliate marketing niches of 2020 below.

Personal Finance

Approximately 80% of Americans are in some type of debt. This leaves a large market for people that want to know how to start undoing the financial holes that they’ve dug. It also gives marketers an opportunity to teach these individuals how to manage their personal finances.

There are a few different topics to educate people on under personal finance. Here are a few:

  • Debt settlement/living debt-free
  • Building wealth
  • Credit repair
  • Tax-related issues

Digital Marketing

If you’ve been on the internet these days then you could imagine why digital marketing is currently one of the best affiliate marketing niches. Online businesses have grown exponentially in the past decade and consumers do a large majority of shopping from their computers and mobile devices.

Selling products like an affiliate marketing course would be perfect for teaching these businesses how to master the online world.


The gaming niche has become one of the more competitive ones and rightfully so. Gamers are a loyal and dedicated audience that has no problem spending money on their interest.

Getting into this niche is great for someone who knows the industry already and can navigate the gaming world well.

Health & Fitness

Getting healthy is probably never going out of style. So the health and fitness niche is rightfully amongst some of the best affiliate marketing niches. 

Helping people become a better version of themselves is why this niche is so profitable. Folks will always want to look and feel their best and they typically will pay what they need to in order to do so. Here are some areas to cover in this niche:

  • Losing weight
  • Bodybuilding
  • Healthy eating/recipes
  • Alternative health lifestyles (meditation, juicing, yoga, etc.)


Travel and tourism have grown to be a $7 trillion industry. People have realized how big the world is and have been getting out there to explore it. This leaves an amazing opportunity for affiliate marketers to sell products that help those individuals with an affinity for hoping flights. 


People are finding out that they can still make money in non-traditional ways. This has caused the freelancing market to skyrocket in numbers.

This niche is continuously growing every day and teaching individuals how to build thriving businesses and side hustles.

Choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Niches

Finding success in affiliate marketing sometimes starts with the industry that you choose. Find the best affiliate marketing niches and figure out which one would be the right fit for you. This might depend on your skill level or expertise in the area but you can also learn about a market.

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