In this day and age, it has become necessary for every business owner to secure their business premises to their maximum ability. The amount of security lapses that happen in such premises is astonishing given the range of competition that is out there in the business world. It is essential to ensure that only verified employees and guests are allowed in the premises and those places, especially, where one may have kept secret or classified information. It is for this reason that you must have photographic identity cards for your employees. In this article, you will learn more about such photo ID cards and their importance.

The popularity of such ID cards

These days, it will be difficult for you to find any company that does not use identification cards or ID cards. In many of the instances, this would mean nothing more than having just a badge that one would be required to wear while working at the office. But there would exist several varieties of ID cards for the employees who are working in various departments. You will find that one card gets provided to every employee and it would also be mandatory for each of the employees to be carrying their Photo ID cards with themselves during all the time that they are in office.

What are the consequences of not having the ID card?

It is imperative that every employee should carry their photo ID cards with them all the time when they are at work in their office premises. If one does not have their ID card with them, then there would be a lot of consequences to face. The consequences would be severe, and so all employees need to ensure that they have their ID card on them every day. This is the crucial nature of identity cards. It is now a part of their normal lives. If there is an identity card without any photos of the employee holding it, then it would not be of any use at all as these days people will find it easy to cheat and conveniently paste another person’s photo on it and not get caught. This has also happened several times with the voter ID cards. Thus, it is essential to have pictures on the ID cards, and one needs to have it with them at all times. In the case of a loss of ID card, it is mandatory to make a report of it to the police station immediately.

How should the photo be on the ID card?

In order to determine the nature of the photograph required to be pasted on the ID card, one will need to consider several things. The primary thing to be considered is the purpose and nature of the card for every ID card will have their own unique specifications, and the photo requirements may be different for each of them. Thus, an ID card for a driving license can be different from the photo required for the employee ID card of a multinational company.

The ID card will be varying in their shapes, sizes, and functions. But whatever the purpose is, photographs on the identity cards would be essential. These cards will be primarily used for verifying the identity of a person, and when there is a photo of that person included, then it will ensure that the card does indeed belong to the person who is carrying it.

What is the nature of the ID card?

The photo ID cards would be a high-quality plastic laminate. They will be enclosing a film chip which is photographically exposable. They may also get developed in an easy procedure by using a single processing ID and hence is not too complicated a thing. There are a lot of companies which also go on to buy badge printers so that they can print the cards on their own. But it should be remembered that the badge printers are not that expensive either.

How will it help anyone?

The photo ID cards will be coming in handy in any situation where a person is required to show and prove his identity. It will contain his full name, his age, his permanent address, his organization, and his photo. It is important to ensure that the photo is clear and is not spotted or even distorted in any way. It is to ensure that people can easily recognize from that photo the person who is carrying the card. There would be other details like the identification number, the rank and profession, the citizenship status, restrictions, blood groups and so on. If anyone has an accident, then these cards are quite useful in tracing his identity and his family.

In this day and age, there are a lot of different purposes for the photo ID cards. For those people who are always driving, these cards are essential in the form of driving licenses which can declare about the driving proficiency of that person. Driving licenses are in fact an important document which is often used as an official identification document by government agencies also. Business enterprises need to have such photo ID cards for their employees to ensure that no unauthorized intrusion can take place in their facilities.

You will be able to get photo ID cards from several manufacturers who can print the cards for you in bulk for your company with the official logos and other designs that you think are required. You can also get printers to do the job yourself. It is important to ensure that the photos are clear in the cards after they are prepared.


Having a photo ID card is essential for people today from all walks of life. These cards will help in the identification of a person and to ensure total security. It is important to carry these cards with you at all times too. For business enterprises, having photo ID cards for employees is necessary to avoid any security breach.


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