The Rise In Roommate Living Popularity

Nowadays, it’s quite common for people to share their living space with others who are not their family or romantic partners.  The rise in roommate living popularity is not all that surprising, considering the rise in real estate prices, and decline in marriage rates across the world.

Young people within the ages 18-35 demographic  –  who are still studying or just starting out their careers – make up a sizeable percentage of people with roommates; as they are often unable to meet up with living costs in the areas of residence that suit their needs. Rather than opting for cheaper accommodation – which may add to their commute time and expenses – they find it easier to get a roommate.

A roommate is someone who has agreed to shoulder some of the responsibilities associated with your shared accommodation. This includes rent, cooking and cleaning. But their influence doesn’t stop there. Even if you’re not close friends, your roommate will still shape you; with their habits, general demeanor, level of cleanliness, personal views and social life, among others. Their habits will still rub off on you. Studies show that if your roommate binge drinks, or plays video games, you will have a higher chance of following suit, even to your own detriment. And if they have healthy eating and self-care habits, it also rubs off on you. In fact, your roommate’s friends also influence your social life and moods, whether you find them annoying, fun or just plain weird, or not. The question then becomes: how do you find a good roommate?

Rooming with your friends can lead to conflict if you’re not compatible as roommates, which may jeopardize your relationship. However, some of them know somebody who is also looking for a roommate, and they can fix you up.

Asides from recommendations from your family, friends and colleagues, you can also search for a roommate on the internet, through Craigslist, Facebook, RoomMatch and other platforms.

Craigslist offers a variety of potential roommates to choose from, but there is virtually no way to know if they are being truthful about themselves. WithFacebook, you may run into similar problems, especially in terms of determining your compatibility; also, Facebook groups force you to share your information in the course of finding a suitable roommate. However, RoomMatch fixes those problems easily, with their free match-up quiz that helps you find roommates and rooms that match your lifestyle.

RoomMatch is a Roomate Finder App that filters and finds roommates that you’re compatible with, by taking you through a series of lifestyle and personality questions to match you with the perfect roommate. This website is 100% free, with no hidden or extra charges, and it allows you to communicate safely with potential roommates without using your mobile number or email. All interaction is done through their internal messaging system. Asides this, RoomMatch allows you to find affordable rooms for rent in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and many other parts of the United States.

Getting a good roommate is not easy, especially one whose behavior and habits are compatible with yours

following their move out of their parents’ house, and before they get married and have kids.

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