7 Things You Should Look Out for in Message Boards


Every investor needs a platform where they can share their thoughts and discuss various issues affecting their investments. In such platforms, they are likely to meet other guys who have specialized knowledge on stock market who can solve their riddles.

One such online platform is stock boards that contain tips and relevant information on stocks and market trends. In Amarin Corporation Plc board, you will find ongoing all-encompassing discussions that are very important to various investors irrespective of their levels.

There are seven things you should look out for in any board before basing your investment decision on it. Here they are:

  1. The User’s Motive

All your fellow users, whether new or registered, have a certain motive behind every message they send on this board. Some have very innocent motives of just enjoying themselves or just making the discussion interactive. However, that shouldn’t blind you and fail to recognize those with ulterior motives. They will start talking good about the company if they want the stock prices to rise. Just ask yourself why are people on the message board?


  1. Negative Predictions

Every investor will get some panic when the prices of the stock are down. There are guys who will spread panic on the board to an extent that you will feel like selling your own stocks. You can analyze the predictions yourself because such users just want the prices to go down to their advantage.

  1. Poster’s credibility

You can always get the previous posts in the thread as shown in AMRN Stock board. If a user was speaking doom! Doom! Concerning a certain stock and it hyped, then that user/poster is no longer credible. You can easily see these in the thread on the board.



  1. Rise and fall analysis

When the price changes, there will always be guys on the message board doing their analysis and predicting the future. They may say the stock will soon collapse if the prices fall. Don’t be swayed away by their predictions else you will make a decision that you will regret later.

  1. Power of the posts

You can easily gauge the environment surrounding a certain stock by simply looking at the thread. If you get more positive comments about a certain stock, then you can be sure that the stock is good. However, this should not be a basis for investing in that stock do more research on it.

  1. Price predictions

Always keep in mind that it’s only the market that has the power to determine how high or low will the stock price go. So just ignore all the price predictions given by posters, they are just guessing.

  1. Conspiracy theories

Certain users will come with all manner of theories when they see the instability or stability of a certain stock. Others make fundamental analyses while others predict the next step of the company that will enable them to settle the crisis. Either way, do not listen to them.


A stock message board is a powerful tool that can be used to diminish or uplift the price of a certain stock. Just keep the above in mind and remember, no one knows the CEO of the company so they should not pretend they know it all.

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