5 Questions to ask when hiring a Business Strategist

business strategist

Hiring a good business strategist is going to help you navigate through the toughest of challenges and opportunities while running a business. And in order to hire the right person for the job, the interview must also be taken in the best possible manner with the best questions that are the most important while appointing a person to this particular field of work for your business. Here are a few questions that are going to help you easily differentiate between a mediocre and a professional business strategist just like Brad Fauteux.

What all do you know about our company and its competitors?

Any person applying for this particular job is expected to have complete knowledge about the company and how it works, the goals and the main focus points which need to be given attention to. If someone is applying for being a business strategist in your company they ought to do some homework beforehand and have at least the basic knowledge about the idea of the business that you are running and what all he is expected to do for you. If you have heard about Bradley Fauteux, then you must have come across this as well as he is one of the finest who can explain about the same.

In what particular areas of business strategy do you specialize?

Every business strategist has some areas of interest and some particular skills that are different from all the other candidates applying for the job. As the interviewer, you must know what skill set you required the most in your business strategist and the candidate must have at least one particular area where he masters and has an upper hand in business strategies.

What relevant experience do you bring to our company with you?

No business strategist can cover every sector of businesses and no one can have accurate knowledge for all the businesses at once. This is the part where you have to be wise enough while selecting the correct candidate for the job who has the most promising experience for the job you are offering.

Do you have a background of financial analysis and can you be of any assistance in the matters related to finance of the company?

Along with all the strategy is required for the business, finance is a major issue. All the financial decisions need to be taken very carefully as it is the field of work that determines the allocation of finance, the collection of funds, and analysis of wealth at the end of the day. A good business strategist must be excellent in all the fields of making strategies in the business that you are running.

Have you ever handled any out of the box situations related to business strategies in the past?

Not everyone can handle situations that are a surprise for you and your business. But working under pressure is the most important aspect that should be present in a business strategist. It involves handling situations that are unexpected and sometimes unresolvable by any other person than the business strategist of the company. Hence they are required to be efficient in their job.

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