Top Tips on How to be More Productive at Work

Working nine ‘til five, five days a week can sometimes seem like, let’s be honest, a slog. We know that we need to do it in order to make money, and at times work can even be gratifying, but sometimes the days are long, and it feels like the weekends aren’t long enough. However, did you know that the more productive you are at work, not only the more successful you’ll be, but you’re also far more likely to experience job gratification too? You could even find yourself making more money too. If you’re struggling to remain motivated, then here are some top tips on how you can be more productive at work.

Organise Your Workspace

One of the first things that you should do in order to increase your daily productivity at work, is ensure that you have the best possible working environment. Your surroundings have a huge effect on the way that you feel, and ultimately the way that you work.

Start by clearing your desk. If you’re working on a desk filled with clutter and paperwork that you no longer need, then your brain is also likely to feel cluttered. One of the keys to feeling organised, is being organised, and when it comes to productivity, organisation is key.

Start by clearing out anything that you don’t need. This could be old paperwork, pens that don’t work, or maybe even the dead house plant you’ve had on your desk for several years. Anything that doesn’t contribute to either making your life easier, or making the space nicer, bin it.

Then organise all of the things that you do need to keep, either into labelled files or drawers. This means you’ll immediately know where everything is, so you’re likely to relieve stress and save time on looking for things.

Also, why not replace the dead house plant, but this time, look after it? They’re air purifying, and they immediately freshen up a space, both of which, are pretty ideal for increasing productivity.

Don’t Multi-Task

A lot of people think that in order to be productive at work, you have to be competent in the art of multi-tasking, but this couldn’t actually be further from the truth. Multi-tasking is in fact proven to make you less productive, less efficient, and is even considered to be unhealthy for your brain.

So in short, stop trying to do it. You’ll instantly feel less stressed, and in the long run be more productive in your days at work. Instead of multi-tasking, simply plan your time Teffectively, and concentrate on the task at hand. By being organised with your time and dedicating a set amount of it to each task, you’ll not only finish your to do list a lot quicker, but chances are you’ll do a better job of it too. Plus you’ll feel less flustered, which is always a plus.

Take Small and Frequent Breaks

If you work at a desk on a computer, then it’s recommended that you should stand up and take a short break away from the screen every hour or so. Now, that’s not to say do what you want and take half hour breaks here there and everywhere, but do stand up, stretch, go to the toilet and make a quick cuppa. It could be the difference between you having a productive day, and a not so productive day.

Likewise, when it does come to your longer lunch break, be sure to spend it away from your desk. Depending on where in the world you live, it can be tricky to spend time outside depending on the season, but weather permitting, try and get some fresh air too. Even if you eat your lunch in the cafeteria then take a ten to fifteen minute walk in the outdoors, it’s proven to improve your mood, health, and of course your work productivity too. Give your mind a rest – you’ve earned it.

Plan Your Days

Last but absolutely not least, simply planning your days can make them on the whole, a lot more productive. You could even use the commute time you have on the train or bus where you usually browse social media in order to do this.

By subdividing your day into sections and planning your work out in order or priority, you’ll feel as if you’re properly set for the day. It’s proven that when you do have a plan to follow, you’re a lot more likely to be productive and use your time more efficiently, so give it a go! It could change your working life for the better.

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