Try These 5 NFT Games In 2023

Blockchain gaming, also known as play-2-earn and NFT games, has blown up in popularity over the last couple of years. The great part about an NFT game is the opportunity to own in-game assets and be part of a thriving community. The top blockchain games include Axie Infinity and Decentraland, but there are plenty of other offerings which are well worth exploring in 2023.

Gods Unchained

If you’re a fan of trading card games, why not add one of the Gods Unchained assets to your NFT wallet? After all, it’s completely free-to-play while granting full ownership of in-game assets, meaning they can be sold on the open marketplace. To get used to playing the game, new players are gifted 140 cards, which allows them to grasp the mechanics.

If you’re wondering how they make money on a free game, you should note that to succeed in the game, you will need to buy better cards and upgrades – or make trades with other players. Additionally, continue winning battles and fill the XP bar, which allows you to get another pack of cards.

NFT Champions

MMORPG is an extremely popular genre, which is where the NFT Champion project sits. Developed by Unreal Engine, this game is considered one of the first immersive NFT games, which can be accessed on Mac or PC.

The gameplay takes place in an open world stacked full of exploration, learning, battling, and training, which all work towards earning the native coin (CHAMP). Each monster in the game comes with a unique personality, which makes them desirable to other members of the community.

Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds is an interesting project because it interacts with the real world, which is favored by the market. If you want to understand how much potential this game has, just think back to Pokémon Go, which meant traversing on foot to catch Pokémon, earn items, and battle. If you’re an avid traveler, you will have lots of fun collecting Lost World’s NFTs.


Not all NFT games are about collecting monsters and battling them out in strategic games, just look at the CaesarVerse, which focuses on education. In-game assets and NFTs are still important to the infrastructure, but it’s not the driving factor behind the project, which is refreshing.

You may have caught on by now, but CaesarVerse’s focal point is the Romans. Players will learn about this historical period while exploring immersive landscapes. In the digital world, players will have the opportunity to interact with historical figures, which is ground-breaking for visual and kinesthetic learners.

The Walking Dead: Empires

Regardless of thoughts on The Walking Dead TV series, there’s no denying the thrill of surviving a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead: Empires puts players in an immersive world, where teamwork is the only way to survive. The best way to earn in this game is by buying land and building an attractive base, as you receive more crypto when activity in your area is high.

NFT games are relatively new but they’re evolving constantly, and the latest additions are appealing to the wider gaming community, so what are you waiting for?

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