Turning site visitors into loyal and permanent customers

Turning site visitors into loyal and permanent customers is always a priority for most brand websites. Social Proof is a powerful tool that can help you achieve the dream of turning visitors into customers. The implementation of social tests will help visitors understand why other people like the product they are willing to sell.

There are many well-proven methodologies by ecommerce marketing agency have made social proof a critical factor when it comes to converting visitors who enter your website into a business.

Word of mouth campaign

Reference programs are among the most effective ways to improve the popularity of your brand. Word of mouth advertising is considered to be more productive, as your friends and family receive comments on the practical experience of the product they intend to buy. Most ecommerce marketing agency offers various incentives and discounts to visitors who refer their friends and colleagues to buy the company’s products and services. By rewarding visitors with gifts or discounts for each referral, there is no loss that the company must incur as gifts are paid only after references become their customers.


Customer reviews are the segment most viewed by visitors, especially before making online purchases. It is the only way one could realize how valuable the product would be once they buy it. Customer reviews are real information about the product that visitors would like to buy. Excellent customer reviews or average customer evaluations of the product or services offered by a company are intended to encourage visitors to opt for the service or purchase the product. Credibility is high for customer reviews since a user will have to create their profile before writing a review.


Testimonials have an essential role as a social proof tool. The testimonials on your website cannot be taken lightly. Most studies suggest the presence of testimonials to increase business opportunities by almost 50% instead of without one. He has always shown better conversion rates when testimonials are included on his website. It gives a clear idea of ​​how users felt when using the products and services offered by the company. If the product is excellent, good reviews will be published. Adding a photo of the person who posted the testimonials will further increase the chances of conversions from potential customers.

Customer logo feature

It is good to include customer details within the website. However, the inclusion of the name directly within the content may go unnoticed since there is no guarantee that visitors will read the copy. Customer company logos are the most appropriate way to make visitors recognize their reputed customers. The key benefits of placing a logo are its instant recognition.


The endorsement of your product or services by a celebrity can have a more significant impact on the conversion rates of potential customers. Choose a personality that is related to the business field you are dealing with. Send a sample of your product and request a recommendation. If it works, then you have a celebrity who supports your product and brings the popularity of your product to a broader audience.

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