Virtual currency such as Bitcoin can be started with a small amount

The resources are important for trading virtual currency. This is because the more resources there are, the greater the profits when making money with virtual currency.

However, in the case of virtual currency, you can start with a small amount such as 500 yen. In the case of stock investment, it is said that basically at least 100,000 yen of primitive is required.

However, virtual currency can be started with fewer resources than stocks. In particular, there are many virtual coins other than Bitcoin (BTC) called altcoins, where the price of one coin is several yen or tens of yen.

By investigating and purchasing such altcoins, there is a possibility that they will make a great profit in the future. In fact, some virtual currencies are worth hundreds to thousands of times in just one year after being bought.

However, when considering cryptocurrency trading, it is not advisable to buy for the whole property. It may be okay if you invest successfully, but there is a risk that it will fail in virtual currency.


Mining is a method of earning by mining virtual currency using a machine dedicated to mining.

Mining is, for example, the process of authorizing the transaction of virtual currency Bitcoin (BTC). A huge amount of calculation is required for mining, and the person who finishes the calculation earlier than anyone can get Bitcoin (BTC). More detail can get found here at

In addition to Bitcoin (BTC), there are a number of virtual currencies that have a mining mechanism, but specifically, we will use a high-performance personal computer.

It sounds simple to listen to, but in order to actually mine popular currencies, you need a lot of power and a computer with high specifications. Therefore, the reality is that if you try to mine, it will cost you a lot of money before you buy a virtual currency.

Furthermore, there are many companies in the world that operate mining such as Bitcoin (BTC) as a business, so it is difficult for individuals to mine.

Virtual currency lending

Lending virtual currency is a good way for those who are thinking of holding virtual currency for a long time. It is a method of lending your own virtual currency to the exchange and receiving the usage fee.

If you decide to hold it for a long time, you don’t have to worry about daily currency gains and losses, so it’s a relatively easy way to do it. For those who have long-held currency and aren’t willing to sell it, it’s another way to make money.

However, there is a demerit that you cannot remit the currency that you lent out. Similarly, you cannot buy or sell other currencies using your own currency, so you cannot sell when you want to sell.

Lending of virtual currency is a method of using an exchange, so if the exchange goes bankrupt, there is a possibility that the currency itself cannot be recovered. Therefore, it is necessary to use a reliable exchange when using the loan.

The advantages of earning with virtual currency are, for example, the following compared to other investments.

Remittance is cheap and fast

In addition, virtual currencies have other uses besides investment. For example, using virtual currency can reduce the transfer fee. Basically, it ends immediately even if it is an exchange between individuals or overseas. It is also cheaper than sending money internationally through a bank. Therefore, for those who are thinking of remittance in the future, it can be said that having it is not a loss.

It is possible to trade with a small amount of resources

When you actually start investing in stocks, you need some resources. However, in the case of virtual currency, there are many currencies that can be bought with a small amount of resources. Therefore, there is an advantage that the initial cost can be reduced.

How prices rise sharply

Cryptocurrencies tend to go up when prices go up. Since there is no limit such as stop price like stock investment, it may double in one day. There is a possibility that you can make a lot of money with bitcoin.

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