30 Best websites to Watch Free Movies online

Free movies online

There are many movie lovers including me here. but watching each and every movie that comes into theatres is probably not possible if you can’t afford it. So, this kind of people will surely be searching for some of the best sites in which you can watch movies for free. And now it’s time for you stop searching because we have brought you 8 best websites to watch free movies. And the website idea is the one of the best, out of all ideas to watch movies for free. Because downloading them in DVD’s and stuff can really be time taking and not so easy.

If you hate downloading and looking free DVD for movies & games then check out Redbox for free movies and games collection, Alternatives to putlocker, sites like thewatchseries

In this article we have created a popular list of websites who are offering free movies to their visitors. And here you will find almost all genres such as thriller, romance, horror,biography, drama and much more. Some websites even provide you movies by year and date through which you can even sort the first movies of from a particular time period.

Following are the list of Websites to watch free movies online

1. Fmovies

This movie website has changed their URL because of many copyrights issues but they are still available to provide you with many movies from Asia, China, and many other countries as well as continents. They provide a ton of categories in movies like drama, biography, adventure and many more. You could check out their website to know all the different categories of movies they provide. You can navigate the website very easily and you will have no need of registration all you need to do is directly jump in to the movie.

2. Crackle

Crackle is also one of the most famous websites to watch movies for free. And another plus point of this is that crackle also allows you to watch movies on TV’s, laptops and tablets directly. To do this you just need to enter up the activation code in your device and then bring some popcorn and enjoy the movie. Crackle provides both movies as well as TV series.


If you want everything to be as fast as you then when it comes to movies GoMovies can be your choice. This website will give you a clean swipe over the whole movie. And are not many other movies that firstly, take a lot of time to upload and then the second thing is that when you get to half of the movie you would probably experience a lot of buffering. But when you go with GoMovies, it will take you from start to the ending of the movie in a smooth way.

3. Top documentary

If you are a documentary movie lover then this website will totally be your choice. And this is because top documentary is site is mainly famous for their documentaries and have already published 3000 above movies. One fact which will make you surprised is that this website is actually a blog-based website and another thing is that this website is run by a single person

4. Shout factory TV

Shout factory TV is also one of the websites that allow us to stream movies online without the use of registering. This website also has multiple categories of media like pop culture’s etc. and they too provide a lot of categories you can choose from. And some of them include horror, comedy, action and many other categories that you can find once you visit the website. There is also a rule mentioned by the company that all access should and must be personal and any of the people should not use their materials for their own businesses.

5. TubiTV

It is one of the biggest platforms to watch free movies online. Almost similar to crackle and they have a huge list of categories. And you must check some of their favorite categories including not on Netflix, Award winners and nominees and highly rated on rotten tomatoes. Their studio’s partners include MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate, time inc, and Starz. And these are very renowned names in Hollywood.

6. Primewire

If you are in search of a website which has a lot of updates then this won’t be your choice because they haven’t updated their content. And this one reason why it is not so famous. If you adore old movies then go check this website because they have a very collection of old movies. But this has no meaning that they don’t upload any new movies. They do, but in a less amount.

7. Vumoo

It is also one of the best websites for movie streaming which includes wide varieties of categories.  No registration is required simply select the genre and then scroll down to find your movie or you can also search a particular movie through search section. They are not limited to movies only but they also stream TV shows. The quality of videos is also very good.

8. NeW Movies Online

This is a very good website you can choose to stream movies online. one good thing about this website is that you can stream movies on the basis of the release date of the year and of course by the category also. They also provide many categories of movies of movies here which include. Adventure, mystery, action, horror and many other categories. And not only movies if you also like TV series, sports and music this website will be perfect for you.

9. Cool Movie Zone

A perfect place to watch free movies online without downloading. The best thing about this website is that they feature Bollywood and Tollywood apart from Hollywood. So they have a wider audience as compare to other websites. Some of the categories that we can regularly check to track our movies like New releases, Featured and upcoming.

10. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix has tied up with Screen Media Ventures LLC founded in 1999. Which is also one of the largest independent distributors of motion pictures in the market. It is also one of the leading motion picture distributors of theatrical, home video, digital, and television both in the U.S. and internationally. All videos are available in High Definition with free of cost.

11. Yidio

Yidio is founded in the year 2008 which has 15 million monthly users with 180 different content providers. It is the vast platform of video asset where you can search over 1 million TV shows and movies. They provide both paid and free service to their customers. Currently, they have more than 9 Millions registered users. They also have active groups on twitter and facebook where you can share your opinion and feedback related to movies and Tv shows.

12. Snagfilms

Watch free movies online without downloading just a click of a button. Snagfilms has over 10,000 movies, TV Shows, documentaries and original comedy shorts. You can also download their app to watch on iPhone, iPad or Android device. They have some unique categories like Latino, Korean Drama, Faith, and spirituality. You can signup on twitter, facebook, and google+.

13. Movies Found Online

Are you one of the many people who live, love and die to watch old movies then this website will definitely be the one you must choose. And this website holds all the collections from 1940 to 1970 and also has some new ones for sure. This website will provide you with documentaries, short films and some other videos that are viral in YouTube as well as net. Like many other websites this website also has a search engine that will help you search your favourite movie or the movie that you are wanting to see now. And this will also make your job easy.

14. Viewster

This is a Swiss-based company which provides free media entertainment platform. They have huge collections of TV shows and Movies. Some of them are so unique that you might not have heard the names. They also have a good collection of animated movies. No need for registration in order to stream the movie.

Most of their movies are falling under animation, gaming, Sci-fi, and Documentary. You can stream movies with almost all devices including ios-android, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and smart TV.

15. HaloaMovies

This site is very well designed you won’t find too many things on the home page. A simple list of categories and you are just a click away to watch. They have plenty of movies in each category. Account registration is mandatory before you access their database.

16. Watch Movies Online

Another great platform for free movies online. Almost all genres are available with the huge collection of movies. Almost all movies are available in HD. Some of the best categories are Popular, the latest and Top 100 movies. I personally liked their thriller and drama section. Check out their collection you might find some of the genre interesting.

17. OVguide

OVguide is work as a search engine which is connected with many other websites which host quality videos content. So this website does not host any data on its own server they just refer the link of another website which is already available over the internet. It is a great website to find a high quality of videos which includes TV shows, movies, viral videos and much more.

18. Cosmotube

By its name, you must be thinking something like youtube. But this is just the name it is a website similar to other free movie streaming websites. Here you can sort the movies through its rating which makes this website different from other. The collection of movies is quite good even you will find the recent release.

19. Free movies Cinema

A hub of free movies to stream online and wide array of TV series and shows. Perfect website to watch movies without any registration. You can directly search the movie or you can go through category like short film, classics and series. Quality of videos are also very good.

20. Movies Planet

This one is also one of the famous websites where we can stream movies. They have all genres available but two of them are unique 3D and Sport. They also allow free streaming of TV series and shows. Their navigation is almost similar to Fmovies.is and they also provide a hover text where you will find brief story of the movie. This website is restricted to some countries so please cross check before streaming any movie.

21  Classic Cinema Online

Great site for those who are interested in watching old movies. However, you will find all the genres including Action, drama, documentary, musical, animated, crime, adventure and war. No signup is required just select the category and click on the movie to watch online. They also have a blog where you can discuss things related to classic and old movies. So this site is only useful if you love old movies.

22. Documentary Heaven

If you are fond of documentaries then this website could be one of your favorite. They have tons of free documentaries available which you can stream online. You can browse documentaries through their search option and if you want to explore some unique and new ones. Then you can also visit their list of top 100, documentary list and documentaries.

I loved their collection and some of the documentaries like Blockchain, building Titanic, the jinx and American dictators are my favorite. they also have huge categories listed such as atheism, business, celebrity, conspiracy, drugs, economics, educational, health history and many others.

23. Rainierland

Rainierland is also one of the most search websites over the internet for free movies. The site is really good if you are searching new movies in HD format. Not only free movies but you can also explore lots of free TV shows.  No registration is required in order to stream the movies.

Before selecting a movie you can check it’s synopsis, status, IMDB rating and time duration.

24 Movie Night

One of the great site for free movies and TV series. You can browse movie by its release date, most popular category, ratings and 20 most viewed. And you can also browse by latest movies. The site has almost all popular genres including action, adventure, animation, comedy, and crime.

The site is not only designed well but also has good navigation. And the quality of their content is also very high.

25. Movies4k

Movies4k is the hub of movies which provide you multiple links for the same content with different websites. And it is quite popular among free movies streaming sites. They have three broader categories at the top like movies, TV shows, and adult.

The site does not have multiple genres listed like other websites but movie tab will provide you thousands of movies to download or stream online.

26 HDonline

HDonline is another great website to watch free movies online. Here you will find tons of movies in HD along with all the genres. You can sort the movies by country, Top IMBD, alphabetically and through the requested tab. They also have news tab where you can explore the news and updated related to movies.

You can watch the movie without registration however they do have the option to create an account.

27 Cmovieshd

These website host movies from across the globe currently they have more than 27 countries listed. Here you can browse the movie through the year, TOP imbd, genre, and country. You can also forward request to the admin for any new release. which is an additional feature we have found here.

The site is well structured and quite light it took only a couple of minutes to explore all section of the website. And 80% of the hosted movie has HD Quality.

28 Cafe Movie

The website has distributed all movies under 27 genres including some of the unique like film-noir, game show, war, and sitcom. You can browse the movie through latest movies, top rated and greatest. Not only movies but you can also find a good collection of TV series.

29. Hugemoviesdb

The website provides a huge collection of movies but they have limited genre including action, adventure, animation, and biography. You can also sort movies through release year and by name. when you put the cursor on any movie it will give you some vital information like movie snippets, IMBD rating and a number of votes.

They also have a category of random movies which will give you suggestion related to best movies including old and new.

30. 123MoviesHub

Best place if you are searching HD movies online. You can browse your desired movie through the year, genres, and the search bar. Account registration is mandatory in order for online streaming. You will also find IMDB and TMDB ratings along with movie synopsis.

Their genres include Sci-fi, adventure, animation, comedy, drama, documentary, mystery thriller, western, romance, horror, fantasy, crime and much more.


If you are movie lover and spend a substantial part of your expenses on movies. Then it is the time to step forward and explore these amazing websites who are offering free contents to their users. These websites not only provide free but better content to us. We can watch both our favorite movies and TV shows. And this does not end here you can also stream these movies on your Smart TV. No hassle of account registration simply visit their website and browse your desire movies through their specified categories. And due to high competition in the market, these website updates their content regularly.

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