what is cat in Blender incident and who was arrested?

After the horrible video which created sensation over the internet people got excited to know who is the mastermind behind this. And what is their purpose of spreading such videos? As per the titok recent update, this guy has been arrested. however, the source of origin is still not discovered. In this 10 seconds video, someone is putting cat in the blender and turning it on which is really shocking to see.

As per people’s opinion the origin of this video is from somewhere in Asia and to be more precise it could be in china. but this has not been confirmed by any authority. it just a guest of the people who are doing investigation on this matter.

The real identiy of Cat in Blender and his arrest

The Twitter account @scarycontent18 was the initial platform to circulate a disturbing video, drawing significant attention. Contrary to initial reactions, it appears that the heinous act depicted in the video was not the handiwork of this account holder. After a brief suspension on Twitter, @scarycontent18 has been reinstated. Currently, the account is actively seeking assistance from the Twitter community to identify the individual responsible for creating and filming the concerning video of the cat. The incident underscores the complexities of the digital age, where videos can be widely disseminated, often detached from their original sources, leading to misattributions and misjudgments.

What was the reason for doing this act ?

Nowadays people are crazy for views and likes. They probably can do anything to become famous and the worst part is that now animals are being targeted for people’s entertainment. In order to create viral videos people have reached this level where they can differentiate between entertainment and cruelty. Anything which brings social media attention is the primary target for them.

Nowadays animals are being targeted this is not the only video where we have seen cruelty to these animals. The internet is full of such videos and its not easy to stop until every individual takes responsibility to stop this.

Response and action were taken against this cruel act

So far we have found that the man behind this act has been arrested. And lots of animal welfare communities have come forward and asked Twitter to take some serious action against it and there should be some measures in place. So that these types of videos shouldn’t go viral and a person could track down the moment its gets uploaded.

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