What to Do if Your Child Has Been Injured in a Car Accident

A parent does everything to keep children safe. Unfortunately, we live in an uncertain world with inherent risks, and accidents are part of the dreaded side of life. Therefore, it’s important to keep your pavements pristine to avoid accidents. According to Paving Finder, caring for fresh pavement maintains its efficiency and aesthetic appeal for up to 30 years. After this, it can become a danger.

Your kid could be playing innocently in the neighborhood or commuting from school when the unfortunate happens. What matters in this situation are your steps after the accident. If you aren’t sure where to begin, this article comes to your aid. Let’s dive in.

Check on Your Child

Ensuring your kid’s safety is the priority. The moments immediately after the accident are the most vital. Remember, some injuries like concussions are not immediately visible, but the effects are long-term. While getting the kid from the car might be tempting, failure to properly remove them from their position can exacerbate their condition, including bone injuries. Remove them carefully from the seat and seek to stabilize them if necessary.

Seek Medical Attention

Once you ascertain your kid’s safety, the next step is to get medical help immediately. Typically, you should call 911 for an ambulance and EMT services. Even when the child seems uninjured, get them checked up. As mentioned, some injuries take weeks to become apparent but might be problematic if left unchecked. The medical reports also come in handy if the case goes to trial or due to claims.

Call the Police

Do you need to call the police if the injury is minor and the kid seems uninjured? The absolute answer is yes. The other involved parties might dissuade you from involving law enforcers, especially if you lack sufficient insurance coverage. Others might intimidate you into thinking your teenager was actually at fault. Involving the police to make an official report and record evidence is vital. Documenting the accident is life-saving and comes in handy in ensuring you get full compensation in case of damages.

Document the Scene and Get Information About Involved Parties

Getting in touch with authorities is important, but what is even more crucial is getting you to take contact information, exchange insurance cards, and get the names of other involved parties for personal records. Don’t forget to take photos and videos of the nearby street signs, vehicle debris, skid marks, and vehicle structural damage, which could prove to be vital evidence later. Crash reports contain physical evidence, such as tire marks, which can help determine who caused the accident. Remember, some insurance will forfeit making a settlement if you don’t report the accident to authorities within a specific time limit. According to the Statute of Limitations in many states, you have three years to file a claim after a motorcycle accident.

Help Them Overcome

Accidents can be traumatic to kids. Check for signs of depression or returning to infantile behaviors such as bedwetting. Ensure you help your kid overcome the trauma through follow-up, listening to complaints, and holding small conversations.

Contact a Top-Of-The-Line Child Accident Attorney

Dealing with your children’s medical needs after an accident can be emotionally overwhelming. The financial burden makes matters worse. Therefore, you need a compassionate and caring attorney to handle the legal matters.

Starting by researching online. According to WP Dev Shed, there are 8.5 billion searches on Google daily. From preparing insurance paperwork and communication, attorneys relieve you of the burden of handling the tedious car accident injury claims, allowing you to focus on your child’s well-being. They provide legal consultation, investigate the accident, negotiate settlement, and file lawsuits if need be.

Has your child been involved in an accident? If so, it’s important to take direct action right away. With the proper care and love, your child will be on the road to recovery in no time.

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