Why are Authorized Service Centers More Expensive?

Every vehicle you own has its own importance. This is because vehicles are a priced possession. So, taking care of it is also very important. One of the ways of taking care of the vehicle is by buying a two-wheeler insurance policy or car insurance policy which are a part of general insurance policy. Owning a vehicle insurance is mandatory by law. You can also purchase bike insurance online. The other way of taking care of the vehicle is by maintaining it very well.

Why is vehicle maintenance important?

Maintenance of the vehicle is important because it has an impact on the working as well as the life of the vehicle. If no much of attention is paid to vehicle maintenance then there are chances of developing faults in engine and other parts of the vehicle. Maintenance helps in repairing the faults and majorly preventing the minor faults from turning into a major one. The main benefit of maintaining your vehicle is that it helps give you a smooth ride. Maintenance of vehicle comes in the form of servicing. There are options of interim service and full service available to be used as per requirement. An interim service includes in it fluid top-ups, parts change, and other serval checks. Full service includes in it additional comprehensive checks added for the vehicle that are not included in interim service. Servicing and repairing can be done at a local garage or at an authorized service center.

Why are authorized service centers expensive?

Authorized service centers are the service centers authorized by automobile manufacturer to carry out any repairs or service of any vehicle manufactured by such manufacturer. These service centers provide free services on behalf of the manufacturer to new vehicles during the warranty period which are reimbursed by the manufacture of such vehicle. There are various factors which make the servicing at an authorized service center expensive.

  • The free service

Authorized service centers provide free services to the vehicles within the warranty period of the manufacturer. This facility of free service is not found at local garages.

  • Genuine spare parts

Servicing at a local garage you need to get the spare parts that too are genuine can not be known when fixed. While servicing at an authorized service center puts your stress about genuine spare parts at bay. The spare parts used at an authorized service center is always genuine.

  • Latest technology

Local garages are not well equipped with the latest technology to deal with the new generation vehicle issues, whereas at an authorized service center there are latest equipments and software found to deal with the newest of the vehicles and their issues.

  • Experts

There are factory-trained technicians and experts working on your vehicle when they are serviced or repaired at an authorized service center which is not the case at a local garage.

  • Resale advantage

Authorized service centers keep track of the times your vehicle has been serviced with them which adds as a positive point at the resale time.

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