The pandemic has hit us hard, and it may be time to search for alternative ways to make a little extra on the side to not only protect yourself in the short term but also offer options in the long term – fortunately, there are more services than ever to help you out and provide different options. One thing that may not be of use to you and may seem tempting are the gambling options – a growing number of casinos not on GamStop where you can find many here, sports betting, or even betting on the stock market or others such as crypto may offer big returns, but also much riskier too.

Your own freelancing – Setting out on your own can be scary, but if you put in enough time and effort can certainly be extremely successful. Any skill you’re able to utilise will be valuable to someone, and it’s just about getting your name out there. Things such as blogging or creative fields like web design have been the most popular throughout the lockdown period and may be your ticket to a second income and something to rely on in the future.

Etsy, Fiverr, and other freelancer tools – If you’re a little worried about setting up your own independent service or don’t know where to start, using tools like Etsy and Fiverr can certainly help. You simply set-up your shop, adjust the number of orders you’re willing or are able to take throughout a certain period if time, list your price and you’re away. Etsy favours the craftier crowd, big markets throughout the year have been with those who make masks at home and other PPE, whereas Fiverr and other similar services favour those in the creative space who may already have a profession and are just looking to offer their services. The simplicity of both is that they offer exposure and ease of use, but with so much competition it may be a little more difficult to stand out from the crowd and have your shop noticed – but given you’re able to put in as much time as you’re willing to, the amounts you can earn vary greatly and may even provide enough to forgo your regular job and explore options for something new.

It’s appearing as though the ongoing pandemic may be coming to a conclusion – vaccine efforts have started to roll out in countries such as the UK and others will quickly follow suit, things may start to look like a more normal year in 2021 with some restrictions in place – but as there may still be disruptions in the workplace for the foreseeable future it’s definitely worth exploring what options may be available to you whilst also investing in yourself – you can make a little money on the side whilst also opening the possibility of trying something new. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to make the change though, so get started early and see what benefits you may be able to find!

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