18 Best online options to sell your used Items

How to make money by selling used items online?

sell Used items

Do you want to get rid of your junks which are only occupying the space? And how cool it would be if you make money by selling used items. Here will provide you various online options which would help you to sell and simultaneously will get a chance to make some extra cash.

Here are the lists of web

1. Letgo

This website allows people to sell used items like Jewellery, Electronics, Vehicle parts, and books. But you need to download their app for this. They don’t’ provide a desktop version of their website. Select correct category upload pics of your products with proper description.

2. Swappa

If you want to sell used items in electronic category swappa is easy and convenient. They don’t charge anything from the sellers so it’s completely free. However, they do charge a flat fee from their buyer. This website is popular in United States, Canada, UK and Europe

3. Cardaddy

Its name itself explains that is made to sell cars. We can sell our used vehicles on this website and they don’t’ charge anything from the seller not even commission on the sale. So listing item is completely free.  Not only vehicles but you can sell personal  Aircraft, Jets and Race cars.

4 Valorebooks

If you have unsolicited textbooks at home convert them into quick cash by selling them at Valore. This company allows the student to buy, sell and rent textbooks. Put the ISBN and get a quote. If you agree with their price they will do the shipping and make your payment via PayPal or check.

5 Poshmark

If your wardrobe is filled with unwanted clothes.So it is the best time to sell and make some cash. This website allows you to sell old clothes of luxury brands. You list and ship the item to buyer and payment processing will be taken care off by them. the fee is $2.95 or 20% whichever is higher.

6 Tradesy:-

Here you can sell shoes, designer bags, and clothes. Designer items are more popular than common items. Website charge 9% commission on sales but in exchange of that, they provide complete shipping kit along with the prepaid label with buyer address. The brand like Louis Vuitton, Channel and Coach are very popular.

7 Varagesale

Almost everything can be sold on Varagesale. They don’t charge any commission or listing fee. The deal is completely between buyer and seller. So if your item has a low value or you do not want to give commission on the sale then this website is good for you.

8 Everything but the House:-

If you have any old house with full of items then it is a good chance to liquidate it. Their team will visit your house and take the photographs of the items in which they are interested. Usually, they go for art and antique furniture. Once your items are listed on their website then it is out for bidding and the highest bidder gets the item. Charges are not disclosed by the website so only buyer and seller know.

9 Amazon :-

So far you have used Amazon for buying products but now you can sell used items as well. Be it clothes, shoes, Designer Accessories, Video games and Used books. And the best part of them is that you don’t need to ship goods. Once your items are listed on their website they will keep the items in their warehouse. So they have complete control over shipping. For individual selling, there is no monthly charges but $0.99 on each item sold. Professional seller monthly charges are $39.99 but there is no charge for each item sold.

10 Craiglist :-

This website also provides facility to sell used items almost everything. And the additional benefits is that they don’t charge anything and you get complete visibility into the local area. As this website is designed to connect locally.

11 Ebay:-

eBay is large e-commerce website and it has huge customers locally and across the globe. They allow two way to sell used items first do it yourself or second allow eBay to do it on your behalf with prepaid shipping label.  They give you up to 80% of the sale value rest they charge as a commission.  So those who do not want to go through the hassle of listing they can opt their professional service.

12 Pawnshops :-

Pawnshops are the best way to sell used items or take collateral loans against them. Here their expert decides the value of your item and if you get agreed they will pay you the money after some paper works. These are very popular for quick cash. Because the deal is done instantly and you can take the cash at the same time.

13 Reverb :-

If you have the old musical instrument at home and you are looking to sell a better price. Try Reverb here you can sell all types of musical instrument. We do have the option to sell on Craiglist and eBay. But this one is specialized for the musical instrument so here we will get the fair price.

14 ETSY :-

Etsy allows you to sell used items like handicrafts and artwork. $.20 for listing item and 3.5% of sales. Whereas they also charge $0.25 payment processing. So if you are good at handicraft or if you handicraft items at home you can get good amount against that.

15 Collectors :-

If you have collective items like Comic Books, Coins, Action figures, Autograph and stamps and then this website is the best place to sell. You will find the list of valuable items like signed Jersey of Lionel Messi and Autograph of Princess Diana.


If you are planning to sell used items like Gold and Diamond Jewellery IDNID is the best option. Product listing is free whereas buyer pays %2.5 commission on every purchase. Payment is completely secured by Escrow. Delivery time is 7 business days and if item found different than given description money will get refunded to the buyer.

17 Onceuponachild

Looking to sell all kind of baby stuff like clothes, toys, cribs and jogging strollers. Check out this website it has wide varieties of categories to sell baby items. The website has clearly mentioned that items should be laundered and in good condition.

18 Social Media:-

This can be the best option as compare to any other Because here we don’t need to pay any commission. Everything would in our control and could sell products to people we know. Listing is also very easy and convenient and you will get the response within a couple of hours. Following are the popular social media which you can use for selling. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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