4 Ways To Save Money This Summer

Summer is fun until it gets too hot and you’ll surely be exhausting your AC appliances to the teeth!

Also, you’ll get nothing to do at times, expanding your electric bills dramatically!


That doesn’t mean you can’t afford to save money this summer!

Good for you, I’ve listed all 4 ways to save money this summer. But remember: this isn’t magic.

If you read this article down to the last letter, you’ll be able to do it!

Keep scrolling down to be an effective saver today…

4 Ways to Save Money

Are you constantly challenged by the idea of saving money this summer? Here are 4 effectives ways to defeat that challenge now:

1.   Utilize cold weather to let your AC unit rest.

I know, summer can be unpredictable. It could even have a log drought ahead of it anytime.

But, it doesn’t mean zero-cool at all. What about the evenings? Evenings are usually cool under a stable summer weather.

All you have to do is determine how cold the night is. Then, if you can decide, turn off the AC unit to let it and the bills rest.

2.   Cover your items/appliances with a home warranty.

The best long-term solution for saving money from your appliances (not only during summer) is getting a home warranty deal!

Personally, I’d recommend that you get a plan from Total Home Protection.

But before anything else…

Here are its benefits of covering your home appliances with home warranty:

  • You protect your appliances from long-term depreciation.
  • You get the opportunity to regularly maintain and monitor your appliances’ performance.
  • You’ll get to know if your appliances are consuming too much power due to power surges and other factors.
  • You can repair or replace the appliances that cost your bill.

But why should I pick the Total Home Protection company? Is there something special in it?

You should pick the Total Home Protection company because it has a lot of special offers in store in it.

These include:

  • Very fast service and response
  • Convenient offers
  • Claiming can be done around the clock via hotline
  • Continually enhanced service quality

            But of course, it isn’t perfect. You’d better consider some of its cons:

  • Is new in the field (less than 5 years)
  • Low business performance rating

3.   Cook and dry clothes outside.

This may sound radical, but it’s also wise; this method can actually help you save!

If you cook outside, there’s a high chance that you’ll save your electric/gas stove for the next months.

If you dry your clothes outside, sure chance that you’ll significantly lower down your electric bills.

HERE’S MORE: You’ll also enjoy a good taste of grilled food, picnic bonding with family, and fresh scent on your clothes.

4.   Make sure that your AC unit’s filter isn’t dirty.

Make sure to monitor your air conditioning unit filter if it’s clean or dirty. A dirty filter blocks the proper flow of air in your unit, increasing its cooling action in the process.

When that happens, your unit automatically consumes power, further increasing your electric bills.

There you go! The 4 practical, quick and effective ways to save money this summer!

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So you can still make the best with your summer by saving money. Summer isn’t all that season wherein electric bills peak up.

There are more practical ways out there! And, all you have to do is to be more conscious. And of course, you’ll also have to learn the 4 ways to save money this summer by heart!

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